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FOR PERFECT LAWNS. Mower deck is suspended from the vehicle for a smooth and level cut. © Copyright 2021 ABC Home & Commercial Services All Rights Reserved. Most Zoysia grass types will do well at an inch and a half tall. (137-cm), or 60-in. With dozens of varieties to choose from, Zoysia grass types can provide slightly different advantages, depending on what you need, how much time you want to spend on your lawn and the conditions in your lawn. Let ABC take care of your yard, so you and the butterflies can simply relax and enjoy the view! Zoysia does best when mowed as short as possible; somewhere around two inches allows most varieties to thrive. Adjustable mower wheels positioned just above ground level help smooth out the mowing job. This will help your grass better weather the first frost. Insect pests—namely, mole crickets, grubs and ground pearls—become more of a problem during these months of the year. Zoysiagrass vari­ eties available within Arkansas include Crowne, Palisades, Meyer, While it has a medium green color and boasts an excellent cold tolerance, Meyer grass is vulnerable to large patch. You’ll want to keep mowing your Zoysia grass regularly until fall weather arrives. If you want green grass, you need the right fertilizer for your lawn. If you cut any shorter, you will risk scalping your grass. Apply any control treatments before the first frost. For best results, use a reel mower. While most species commonly found in residential areas share similar characteristics, there are some distinctive qualities that make some types do better or worse under some conditions, particularly in parts of the country that are hot with little rainfall. Improper watering and inadequate drainage are often culprits for these lawn diseases. Japanese lawngrass is the only type of zoysia that you can grow from seed, although most homeowners find that putting in sod or plugs provides a higher-quality turf. Fertilize in early spring, late spring or early summer, late summer and fall. With ABC’s help, your lawn can be the envy of the entire neighborhood. Plant in mid to late spring or early summer. To make sure your grass is getting the moisture it needs, you’ll want to avoid more frequent, quicker watering sessions, since usually results in more shallow root systems which suffer more during drought-like conditions. The quality and availability of each cultivar can vary by region, making the decision of which type of grass will thrive in your lawn even more complicated. Using a dull mower blade can result in tearing instead of cutting your grass, and any ragged edges make your plant more vulnerable to disease. Our Turf Park will be the testing grounds for customers and viewers to see the differences in not only reel mowers, parts, and accessories – but to see how these products perform on different turf. During the coldest months of the year, when your grass becomes dormant, you can set your mower height a little shorter—between and inch to an inch and a half high. You may need to mow your Zoysia grass as often as weekly. If you decide to apply a pre-emergent herbicide to discourage weed growth in late February or early March, you’ll want to delay aeration until your next treatment, which is usually about 8 to 10 weeks after the initial application. Considered by many as most attractive zoysia grass type, this hybrid between Z. japonica and Z. tenuifolia has a fine leaf texture and dark green blades. Applying fertilizer, which is essentially lawn food, is just as critical as watering and mowing properly. Reel Mowing is the most important step in having a great turf, regardless of which reel mower brand you use. The precision cutting action is superior to rotary mowers as it shears the grass blades with a clean, sharp cut like scissors, instead of tearing or shredding. With what can amount to a significant investment and so many choices, deciding what grass type is best for your yard is a decision that is much easier to make with the help of local experts. Continue to water your lawn during periods of little to no precipitation. My passion (my wife calls it my therapy) for great turf started in 2011 as homeowner and through my frusturation with the lack of support, resources, and products available to support my Reel Mowing passion, Reel Rollers was born. You won't need to mow or fertilize it as often as other types of grass. Since Zoysia grass can become quite dense, you may have a problem with thatch or soil compaction. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. There aren’t many true commercial mowers with lithium-ion power sources. Footprints will remain if it’s too dry. Once nighttime temperatures drop below 70 degrees, raise the height of your mower just slightly. For the best appearance, most zoysias require cutting with a reel mower, periodic dethatching, and more frequent irrigation than other warm season turfgrasses. You may want to add a lime or sulfur-based fertilizer at this time, but avoid applying nitrogen to your grass during this time period. Zoysia is a popular choice for homeowners because it can tolerate shade, drought, cold and traffic. ... For best results, use a reel mower. Stay tuned as we evolve our (left to right) El Torro Zoysia, Zeon, Zoysia, and TifTuf Bermuda through best practices. When rainfall is scarce or temperatures are high, allow your Zoysia grass to grow slightly higher. You may also need to supplement your lawn with potassium or phosphorus. If your grass is located in part shade, aim for between two and two and a half inches. The zoysias form a dense, attractive turf in full sun and partial shade, but may thin out in dense shade. Between three and five applications of lawn amendments during the growing season will help promote growth and maintain good coverage. If you are considering adding this to your lawn, you should know that it can be susceptible to nematode damage. Grassy weeds can be avoided with the use of pre-emergent herbicides in the late winter and early Spring. Manila grass varieties are preferred in environments such as golf courses, since they look great, can tolerate a low mowing height and require minimal fertilizer and water. During this time of year, you’ll want to test your soil to determine the best fertilization schedule for your lawn. Customize your reel mower from the ground up to fit your personal needs and have the perfect lawn. Nitrogen-based fertilizers are typically applied to Zoysia grasses in early, mid and late summer. In 2021 we will document and share the progression as we prepare brand new sod for the mowing season and drive it toward absolutely perfection from scratch. Diseases, particularly brown patch, can spread quickly on your lawn during the fall months, so it’s critical to apply fungicides. It’s a warm-season grass with impressive cold tolerance, which […] While each variety is slightly different, most species enter a slower period of growth when temperatures are consistently below 55 degrees Fahrenheit. The main disadvantage of Zoysia matrella is that this type of grass can take several years to get established. -- Select a Subject --Front RollersSwardman Mowers/ PartsTru Cut Mowers/ PartsOther. Our reel mowers and patented Front Rollers will give your lawn the healthy and professional look that is perfectly balanced. This grass type is light green, hairy leaves and is coarse in texture. Keep the mower blades sharp and balanced. Z530R and Z545R ZTrak™ Mowers are equipped with a 48-in. Learn more about Zoysia grass types, including Zoysia matrella, Zoysia japonica, Emerald Zoysia and Empire Zoysia, to determine what's best for your yard. (122-cm), 54-in. If you are struggling to come up with a summer watering schedule, you may want to keep in mind that turfgrass specialists recommend watering infrequently and deeply. Only apply sulfur when the outdoor temperature is below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. (137-cm) or 60-in. If a preventative weed control product was not applied in early Spring, homeowners can use post-emergent herbicides to control summer weeds. Sometimes called Manila grass, since it was brought over from the Philippines in 1911, this perennial does well in tropical and subtropical climates. Released in the 1950s, Emerald Zoysia quickly became a popular turfgrass variety. Ready to take your reel mower to the next level. It’s time to retire the rotary! If thatch is more than an inch thick, use a specialized rake to remove older plant matter from your grass. Here are our top eight weed and feed options for Zoysia in 2019. Fertilizer contains both macro and micronutrients and helps root growth, greenness, and resistance to weeds and crabgrass. A few reasons you may not want to add this type of grass to your yard is that it has less winter hardiness, can develop excess thatch quickly if over-fertilized and is vulnerable to brown patch. My passion (my wife calls it my therapy) for great turf started in 2011 as homeowner and through my frusturation with the lack of support, resources, and products available to support my Reel Mowing passion, Reel Rollers was born. The most common warm-season species are bermudagrass, buffalo grass, centipede grass, seashore paspalum, St. Augustine and Zoysia grass. Used when a top-quality lawn is desired, Emerald Zoysia has a low growth habit and is relatively shade tolerant. Our pros know all about the soil types and grass varieties that work best in your area, and can recommend which types would best fit your needs. When your grass moves into its dormancy phase, continue watering, as needed, especially on warm, bright days. If you are local, come visit and mower any of our turfs with any of the following demo mowers we have available for you: McLane, California Trimmer, Tru Cut, Allett, and Swardman. The only setting where Empire doesn’t do as well is in shady spots. Having your yard aerated, either by yourself or by a lawn professional, can allow air to penetrate down to the roots of your grass. During the cooler months, collect your clippings so that you can remove winter growth or rake away dead material from the surface of your lawn. Some of the available cultivars include Cavalier, Diamond, Omni, Pristine Flora, Rollmaster, Shadowturf, Zeon and Zorro. We can help get your grass put in and keep it maintained, all year long. (122-cm) Accel Deep™ Mower Deck or 54-in. During these months, you may notice damage on your lawn from pests that were not eliminated earlier in the year. You can address dry spots by hand, as needed. In the late evening, if you walk across your grass barefooted, the grass will rebound if it has adequate moisture. Manila grass was first introduced in Alabama in the 1940s. In this post, we’ll talk about four of the most common Zoyzsia grass types—Zoysia matrella, Zoysia japonica, Emerald zoysia grass and Empire zoysia—to help you determine which variety, if any, is best for your outdoor spaces. At what temperature does grass stop growing? REEL MOWERS & FRONT ROLLERS Mole crickets and grubs can be a problem for Zoysia grasses, although these lawn pests usually are inactive in colder temperatures. Try to avoid using herbicides when it’s warmer than 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Cultivars include Meyer Zoysia grass, which is often advertised as “super” grass because it spreads more quickly than most other Zoysia varieties and is relatively cold tolerant. You can re-adjust your mowing height again in late April or early May. In addition, when compared to Japanese lawngrass, Z. matrella is less winter hardy. Reel Mowing is the most important step in having a great turf, regardless of which reel mower brand you use. cut width and cut height can be easily adjusted from 1-4 in During peak growing season, mow your grass somewhere between one to two and a half inches. 10 years later we are the largest reel mower Dealer, Distributor, and Manufacturer dedicated to supporting homeowners who share our passion. An explosion in the number of turfgrass varieties in recent years has left many homeowners considering replacing patches or larger areas of grass completely overwhelmed. Do you already own a reel mower but are looking to make it even better? Schedule your sprinklers to run so that your lawn receives between about three-quarters to an inch of water and make sure your turf dries out before your next watering session. Nematodes can also cause damage to your grass. You should continue to water your lawn over the winter months to prevent turf loss. Watering Your Zoysia Grass Zoysia is more drought resistant in the cooler regions and when fully established has a deep root system and should only be watered when showing signs of needing it. With regular fertilization, irrigation and mowing, you should be able to avoid the need to apply pest control treatments on your grass. In most cases, these clippings won’t contribute to thatch, since they tend to decompose quickly. At what temperature does grass stop growing? Use either a rotary (centrifugal) or reel (cylinder) mower. Water needs will vary, but you can start by watering between three-quarters of an inch to an inch in the morning. Manila grass leaves are more pointed, narrow and wiry than other varieties. © 2021 REEL ROLLERS. You can risk damage to your grass by applying fertilizers with nitrogen if a late frost occurs. Available mower decks include a 48-in. Zoysia grass does require regular maintenance to stay healthy and pest-free. Centipede is a relatively low-maintenance grass. How often should you water a lawn in summer? I’ve spent three decades in […] The cleanest cut and best mowing are obtained when the mower blades are sharp. You can also use a more traditional lawn mower, if you regularly sharpen the blades and set the mowing height at two inches. Another type of Z. japonica variety is Belaire, which can get established even faster than Meyer grass. Indication of water stress is when the blades start to curl inward. With excellent heat tolerance and excellent cold hardiness, it’s easy to see why Empire Zoysia is a popular choice for lawns. Swardman Reel Mowers feature intuitive design with the homeowner in mind. Inset wheels allow the blades to extend across the mower's full 18 in. Applying a preventative treatment product in early October can help your grass be more resilient. As with other parts of your landscape, you may need to water your grass more often to help it stay green, particularly during prolonged periods without rainfall. (152-cm) High Capacity Mower … Most homeowners quickly realize that keeping a healthy, green carpet of grass in their yards is much more difficult than they originally anticipated. The reel mower is preferred if grasses are cut to less than 1 inch. Normal rates of water for good growth are 1 inch per week. A treatment solution is usually the most effective for mole crickets and grubs in mid-July, when these insects are nymphs. Zoysia Overview Zoysia is an Asian grass that’s been in America for over 100 years. Bermudagrass (Cynodon species) is an important turfgrass used throughout the southern regions of the United States and into the transition zones where both cool-season and warm-season grasses are adapted.It is known by several common names, including wiregrass and devilgrass. Your blades will typically need sharpening after mowing about 15 thousand square feet. If the pH of your soil is higher than 6.5, apply sulfur to get your levels between 6.0 and 6.5. Check for signs of moisture stress to determine how often you will need to water (and of course, keeping in mind any local watering restrictions). Our smooth and grooved front rollers are designed to replace the stock front caster wheels on your existing reel mower to give your lawn the look you need. A reel mower will give the stiff blades of Zoysia grass a clean, even cut. (152-cm) Edge™ High-Capacity Mower Deck. With blades that are soft to the touch, Empire Zoysia has deep, thick roots and spreads relatively quickly. Zoysia japonica, more commonly known as Japanese or Korean lawn grass, was introduced to the United States in 1895—a bit earlier than Manila grass. How often should you water a lawn in summer. Uneven terrain may prevent zoysiagrass from being mowed as short as desired. Zoysiagrasses perform best when mowed with reel mowers; however, good performance can be achieved using a rotary mower with sharp blades set as low as possible without scalping. The blades can become curled and usually grow to be between one and three inches long. Zoysia. Simply put, without fertilizer, your lawn ain’t gonna be green. While this variety grows well as far north as Connecticut, Zoysia matrella can turn brown after a few hard frosts, only returning to is normal green color again when spring arrives. While it is similar in many ways to Manila grass, Emerald grass spreads faster. That’s where ABC Home & Commercial Services comes in. Most grass experts agree that using a reel mower is better for the health of a lawn which will helps it stay greener longer and look like its part of a finely manicured golf course. You can also use a more traditional lawn mower, if you regularly sharpen the blades and set the mowing height at two inches. Different herbicides can be applied throughout the fall and winter months, depending on which types of weeds you are seeing. Zoysia matrella grows well in moderate shade and can get quite dense in full sun, making it one of the most predominant grass types in southern parts of the United States. All mowers have premium design features to give a clean, level cut and excellent performance, whether side discharging, mulching, or collecting lawn material. Brown patch and dollar spot can also take their toll. This coarse-bladed cultivar is perfect for residential areas with a nice green color. When compared to other Zoysia grass types, Z. japonica is faster growing and more cold tolerant. Based on what soil type you have, you may need to fertilize with sulfur or lime during this time of year. When the days get shorter, lawns can take longer to recover from associated damage. Zoysia is a tolerant lawn grass, but it takes some care if you want to maximize its potential. Better yet, these species have a low fertilizer requirement. Similar to other Zoysia grass types, brown patch can damage Empire grass. Each year we strive to bring more value to our customers, so I’m proud to announce our newest endeavor for 2021, Reel Rollers Turf Park. These grasses can be hard to mow because of the leaf composition and thickness. Dull mower blades reduce lawn quality by tearing instead of cleanly cutting the grass. This type of Zoysia has moderate to good shade tolerance and good to excellent drought tolerance. If your lawn is too dry, you may notice a bluish tint. The StaySharp Max Reel Mower is ideal for all Grass types, even tough southern varieties like St. Augustine, Zoysia, Bahia and Bermuda.

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