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At Synthesis we will engage in a variety of meditation techniques over the five-day retreat. A few months later, we put on another retreat where we changed a few things based on what we were learning, and it was even better received. The beautiful and supportive setting we offer not only speaks for itself, but is also scientifically endorsed. On average, 4 weeks after attending the ceremony, participants demonstrated a 10% increase in wellbeing, going from below to above average, in comparison to the general population of England. Epub 2018 Mar 13. Their rated levels of connectedness with themselves, others and the wider world more than doubled, and they continued to show a reduction in fear and stress responses compared to their baseline levels, i.e. As well as the groundbreaking study on psilocybin in the treatment of depression, researchers have shown that psilocybin could also be used to treat anxiety suffered by people with terminal illness. anxiety suffered by people with terminal illness, treatment of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), boost subjective wellbeing and increase creativity, foster a propensity towards positive emotions, in comparison to the general population of England, Predicting Responses to Psychedelics: A Prospective Study, lasting prosocial behaviours and increases in wellbeing, Quick Inventory of Depressive Symptomatology (QIDS), Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale (WEMWBS), a study using psilocybin-assisted therapy, Hear about one journalist’s experience with a makeshift psilocybin retreat in Vice, Read the mainstream media’s take on psychedelic research in “, Follow the latest developments in psilocybin research by following the. Synthesis has support from several leading psychedelic researchers on its advisory board. Here at our peaceful facility in tropical Northern Thailand, you’ll be lulled to sleep each night by the sounds of the river not far from your window. All food options will be fresh, healthy, vegan, and tailored to your dietary requirements. Immediately afterwards, study participants completed questionnaires assessing drug effects and mystical experience. Collecting data from our participants, her research has recognised consistently positive outcomes for people attending Synthesis retreats. The participants of the study consisted of 27 male subjects, engaged in a variety of professions. These cookies are used to collect information about how you interact with our website and allow us to remember you. You can, for example, demonstrate, and/or wish to develop, qualities that allow you to take the lead in: Your individual stance and self-development, asserting your mastery over long-held hang-ups that are holding you back, Identifying, and making, your chosen impact, Interacting with the environment around you as you travel through the phases of your day. Psilocybin also has been shown to have significant benefit in the treatment of cluster headaches, a debilitatingly painful condition with very few effective medications. Temporarily releasing the brain from the control of the DMN can do more than treat depression. If you are keen to experience psychotherapy with psilocybin as a treatment for depression in a safe, legal setting, you can apply to take part in a clinical trial. To read about these results in more detail, see our report on our guests’ data, as used in the Ceremony Study at Imperial. A Depression Recovery Retreat: Find Happiness in Tropical Thailand Treating your depression holistically means getting your sleep, diet and exercise back on track. Each group of four subjects met for an evening session, several days before the experiment. Katherine MacLean, Matthew Nour, and Matthias Forstmann all lead studies into the effects that a psychedelic experience can have on core personality traits such as openness, empathy, and nature-relatedness. Find out more about our expert facilitating team and the kinds of preparation and integration coaching we specialize in or drop us a question via our contact form; we will be delighted to hear from you. Our women’s retreat is characterized by openness, opportunity, and possibility. Synthesis is a legal, medically supervised, truffle retreat center for professionals to experience personal growth, emotional breakthroughs, and spiritual development. Health Psychol. Synthesis is honored to announce the addition of Dr. Rosalind Watts as the new Clinical Director, designing a retreat model with her research on psilocybin for treatment-resistant depression so Synthesis can lead the way for a new era of safe, legal and professional psychedelic experiences. Synthesis gives participants who opt in to the study the same questionnaire which the team at Imperial uses to document the lasting reductions in depressive symptoms which psilocybin-assisted therapy can bring about in clinical studies. Synthesis is proud to collaborate with Imperial College, London, in order to produce the data we collect on guests’ experiences at our retreats. If you are keen to experience psychotherapy with psilocybin as a treatment for depression in a safe, legal setting, you can apply to take part in a clinical trial. In fact, Synthesis retreat participants who opt in to provide their data for Imperial’s Ceremony Study are given the same Quick Inventory of Depressive Symptomatology (QIDS) questionnaire which is used to document the lasting reductions in depressive symptoms which psilocybin-assisted therapy can bring about in clinical studies. As the evidence base for the therapeutic potential of psychedelics grows, it inherently strengthens the case for making safe spaces for psychedelic transformation more readily and widely available. Psychedelics are famed for their potential to bring about personality changes. The fact that, in our data, our participants exhibit enduringly reduced scores in follow-up questionnaires, is a potential testament to the positive impact on a person’s overall wellbeing that attending a truffles ceremony at Synthesis can have. Each participant was required to bring a professional problem they had been working on for at least three months, and to have a desire to solve it. During your time at Synthesis, we will help you to divine, identify, and work on the energetic, emotional and psychological blockages that may be holding you back, giving you a head start on the pathway towards your most fulfilled, authentic self. The Centre for Psychedelic Research collects data from many retreat sites, and have recognised the consistently positive outcomes for people attending Synthesis retreats. According to the World Health Organisation, an estimated 300 million people struggle with the disease and according to the NHS, antidepressant use has more than doubled over the last decade.It’s clear that our current treatment methods just aren’t working. Retreats for depression and anxiety exist for this very purpose, to offer individuals a safe, supportive place to receive professional guidance and experience personal growth while reducing the symptoms of the mood disorder. The retreat may be a few days or a few weeks, depending on the needs of the individual. two weeks before attending the retreat. Structured methodology review identified seven (RETREAT) criteria for selecting qualitative evidence synthesis approaches J Clin Epidemiol. data collected at retreats, remains rare. Symptoms of depression in older children include feelings of sadness, eating/weight problems, sleep disturbance, loss of energy and low self-esteem. This study paved the way for future investigations into the creativity-enhancing potential of classic psychedelics. This idyll is ostensibly a world away from the stark, hospital settings that are producing the current groundswell of scientific research into psilocybin. But if you really want to unleash your creative side, psychedelics will help to release the control of the DMN over your brain. These include: Prior to retreat, we will come together for a group call, to build a sense of connection and community. Mycotopia Therapy does research in psychedelics, biosynthesis, and experiential retreats and is publicly traded on the OTC market under TWGL. We will prepare you for, guide you through, and help you find frameworks to integrate your experiences with truffles containing , the psychedelic agent which we use at our retreats. The effect of mindfulness-based therapy on symptoms of anxiety and depression in adult cancer patients and survivors: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Between April and December 2018, participants at every Synthesis retreat could opt to take part in Imperial’s Ceremony Study. We started doing research with Imperial College London and we got really interesting data from that, and then it became clear that somebody had to lead Synthesis full-time. Our guests complete the QIDS questionnaire two weeks before the truffles ceremony, and then again at two and four weeks afterwards, as part of our overall approach to scientifically measuring the potential improvements in wellbeing that our retreat can effect. The psilocybin was administered under comfortable, supportive conditions, much like the environment we create at Synthesis. The Results: In MacLean’s study, a single high-dose session with psilocybin produced a dramatic increase in the personality trait of openness – meaning sensitivity, tolerance and acceptance – and this change remained significant one year after the dose.The results of the surveys (by Nour and Forstmann, respectively) showed that people who had had intensely meaningful psychedelic experiences were more likely to have liberal political views, display traits of openness, and appreciate nature to a greater extent. Importantly, our participants’ scores in the Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale (WEMWBS), were raised from below to above the national average in the United Kingdom after their psilocybin experience, and remained so at the four-week follow-up. One study showed that a single dose of psilocybin, given to nine sufferers of OCD, significantly reduced symptoms for at least a day following the treatment. Nearly 50% of cluster headache sufferers who used psilocybin described it as more effective than traditional treatments at preventing cluster episodes. Synthesis Retreats in Amsterdam intends to integrate psychedelics into societies by synthesizing two approaches–ritualistic and scientific–to facilitate transformative experiences with psilocybin truffles. Solutions obtained in the experiment include: A new approach to the design of a vibratory microtome A commercial building design, accepted by the client Space probe experiments devised to measure solar properties Design of a linear electron accelerator beam-steering device Engineering improvement to a magnetic tape recorder A chair design, modeled and accepted by the manufacturer A letterhead design, approved by the customer A mathematical theorem for NOR gate circuits Completion of a furniture-line design A new conceptual model of a photon, which was found useful Design of a private dwelling, approved by the client Insights regarding how to use interferometry in medical diagnosis application sensing heat distribution in the human body. Research On Psychedelics For Optimal Outcomes. Clinical depression is not the same as feeling sad or disappointed for a day or two. At the retreat, you free up energy and awareness trapped in the past and reclaim your life. "Retreat at Palm Beach is located in beautiful Palm Springs, FL. In celebration of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, the Synthesis wellness director and lead facilitator Natasja Pelgrom is releasing a new episode of The Awaken Podcast every week to tell the stories of five talented women who are currently making an impact within the psychedelic movement. FAQ. Our depression retreats help you access these old stuck emotions, and transform them. If you are keen to experience psychotherapy with psilocybin as a treatment for depression in a safe, legal setting, you can apply to take part in a clinical trial. This involved answering questionnaires at six different points in time; before, during and after attending the retreat. There were sixteen engineers, one engineer-physicist, two mathematicians, two architects, one psychologist, one furniture designer, one commercial artist, one sales manager, and one personnel manager. Leadership can take many different forms. This is the core experience of Synthesis, a three- to five-day residential retreat for psychedelic therapy and personal growth. Postpartum depression has been described as a dangerous thief that robs mothers of the love and happiness they expected to feel toward their newborn babies. This means that psychedelics allow us to reach states of consciousness more similar to dreaming and creative thinking. It’s not just religious people who experience mystical effects from psilocybin. 15:00 | Mindful walk ‒ acclimatize to the natural beauty of the Lighthouse setting, 10‒12:30 | Cacao ceremony, with activities including purpose setting, guided meditation and manifestation exercises, singing, breathwork, sound healing and a sharing circle, 11:00 | Opening integration circle for the Cacao ceremony, followed by journaling, 18:15 | Workshop: Leading With Purpose (Part I), 10:30 ‒ 13:30 | Individual integration Session, 14:00 | Workshop: Leading With Purpose (Part II). Above all else, it is the marriage of traditional spiritual with psychotherapeutic practices, applied in a modern context. Internalizing problems include depression and anxiety. A greater sense of agreeableness and an increased sense of connection to the natural world were also evidenced across the board. Billed as a “truffle retreat center,” Synthesis provides a program in which professionals can partake of psilocybin in a safe and guided environment, with the intent of going on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. Depression is a massive global health problem that continues to grow. At Synthesis, we believe that these personality changes can significantly benefit the psychedelic user, making for a happier, more self-actuated person. These can be stitched deeply, over time, into our bodies, hearts and the somatic centres beyond our minds. Our retreats take place in a luxurious private apartment complex called the Lighthouse, surrounded by the beauty of rural Amsterdam. This magnitude of reduction in the QIDS score is highly unusual for a single treatment session. Method: MEDLINE, Embase, PsycINFO, CINAHL, and the Social Sciences Citation Index (inception-March 2018) were searched for studies exploring HCPs' views regarding management of late-life depression … Unfortunately at this point in time, we can not accept anyone with a clinical diagnosis of depression, and, correspondingly, our participants’ baseline QIDS scores are usually low. While the causes of depression are not fully understood, one thing is certain—depression is not a sign of personal weakness or the result of a character flaw. This double-blind study evaluated the acute and longer-term psychological effects of a high dose of psilocybin relative to a comparison compound. The participants went through two therapy sessions, lasting several hours each; the first with a 10mg dose of psilocybin, and the second with a 25mg dose. From what we know, the DMN is partly responsible for restraining creativity during your normal life, enabling you to focus on important “follow-the-rules” tasks. While the proliferation of studies on psilocybin is increasing, scientifically recognised data collected outside of these contexts, i.e. Everybody who takes the test will get a depression score, regardless of whether they have (or would be given) a clinical diagnosis of depression or not. Research into the potential cognitive benefits of psychedelics has a long and illustrious history. This is an alternative way to support the healing of depression, PTSD, and anxiety. It is important to note that even if you don't have a clinical diagnosis of depression, you may suffer from depressive symptoms. This comparison suggests that guided support increases positive outcomes. In the MacLean’s study, participants took part in a high-dose psilocybin session, and changes in core personality traits were measured. Retreat centre Synthesis believes dosing up on magic truffles can actually make you better, and it’s partnered with Imperial College London to prove it. The purpose of weaving current clinical practices into the heart of the way we craft our guests’ time at Synthesis is to curate the kind of psychedelic voyage that is most likely to allow them to reap the scientifically evidenced benefits of truffles. We’ve all heard of the stereotype of a straight-laced accountant taking a dose of ayahuasca and becoming a yoga teacher in Barbados. Research found that the Synthesis experience had significantly reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression, improved wellbeing and emotional stability, and increased connection to self, others and nature. Synthesis does not claim to treat depression. We started doing research with Imperial College London and we got really interesting data from that, and then it became clear that somebody had to lead Synthesis full-time. So, maybe a holistic approach to mental health and wellness could be just the ticket to balancing emotions through a wellness retreat. At Synthesis, this facet of the psychedelic experience is fully harnessed to produce truly unique states of mind. After the working phase, the group would discuss their experiences and review the solutions they had come up with. This form of coaching is designed to help you address, connect with and reappraise your sense of self on a profound level. They have, collectively, built a strong evidence base for its efficacy that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted psilocybin-assisted therapy a Breakthrough Therapy designation. Ayurveda Relax & Feel Good Retreat - Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof. This systematic review provides a synthesis of … Brain imaging analysis was also carried out before and after the psilocybin sessions. Third Wave will receive a small affiliate commission, which helps us to further our mission of changing the cultural conversation around psychedelics. (See their paper on their 2017 brain-imaging pilot study on psilocybin for treatment-resistant depression, and their six-month follow-up study on psilocybin with psychological support, in which participants’ depressive symptom scores remained significantly reduced). Although psychedelics are unlikely to change you beyond recognition, they can certainly produce positive changes in some personality traits. Approximately 1,000 people have booked retreats at Synthesis in the last two years, and the company uses four metrics to show improvement: increases in well being, decrease in depressive symptoms, reduction in anxiety and increase in connectedness. A safe, protected, professional, legal, and medically supervised center that uses psilocybin that comes from truffles to … Such incomplete understanding likely arises from the fact that depression encompasses a heterogeneous set of disorders. In one study by the John Hopkins Psychedelic Research Project, psilocybin facilitated mystical encounters so profound that, over a year later, volunteers ranked their trip among the “most meaningful and spiritually significant experience of their lives.”. The emphasis of a wellness retreat is to assist the individual in mending the brokenness in the connection between mind, body, and spirit. Joy and hope become more available and sustainable. Synthesis combines common-sense information about exercising, sleeping well, and eating natural and healthy foods with encouragement to meditate, go on contemplative walks, and journal to prepare for encounters with challenging emotions. A few months later, we put on another retreat where we changed a few things based on what we were learning, and it was even better received. Over the past year, the Synthesis team has been leading retreats in their modern, ethereal space–a hundred-year old renovated church called the Lighthouse. INCREASED POSITIVE MOOD. This women’s retreat is designed to offer you the getaway that will help you connect, perhaps for the first time, with the ability to take the lead in your life. After the two month mark, study participants rated the psilocybin experience as having substantial personal meaning and spiritual significance and attributed sustained positive changes in attitudes and behavior to their psilocybin experience. Read More. The phenomenon that psilocybin can function as a psychotherapeutic agent that could treat depression has recently become of its most widely-reported medicinal properties. Synthesis is honored to announce the addition of Dr. Rosalind Watts as the new Clinical Director, designing a retreat model with her research on psilocybin for treatment-resistant depression so Synthesis can lead the way for a new era of safe, legal and professional psychedelic experiences. At Synthesis, we follow developments in clinical research into psilocybin closely, to ensure that the atmosphere we craft for our guests at the Lighthouse maximises the positive impact of their experiences with truffles. Correspondingly, the findings of Imperial on data collected from Synthesis participants reflect the positive discoveries on the therapeutic potential psilocybin in clinical research, including data on improvements to mental wellbeing, the ability to have mystical experiences, lasting personality changes, and reduced depression and anxiety. We see leadership as an intimate decision and relationship that we are in with ourselves first, then with others: this is the Synthesis definition of leadership. Although the DMN holds an important role in our everyday consciousness, its hyperactivity has been linked to depression and anxiety. The Women’s Leadership Retreat will be lead by core members of the Synthesis team: leadership coach and Director of Operations Rachel Aidan, and Lead Facilitator Natasja Pelgrom, with assistance from additional Synthesis staff, who are accomplished practitioners of specialized skills, including psychedelic ceremony orchestration and breathwork. Synthesis has collaborated since its outset with the pioneering Psychedelic Research Group at Imperial College London to collect data from our guests, with a specific focus on examining how truffles can bring about positive changes in personality and increased wellbeing. Nevertheless, the participants undoubtedly found the experience helpful in aiding their creative process. During the psilocybin session, study participants were encouraged to close their eyes and direct their attention inward. This is the process of going inward, connecting to your inner resources and attuning to your inherent spiritual powers and internal wisdom. During the retreat, we will be using mantras from various lineages to help you alter the state of your vibrations and engender a sense of true balance within. Nevertheless, echoing the findings on the lasting positive effects of psilocybin from the Imperial team, the guests at Synthesis experienced a sustained reduction in depressive symptoms. Here we cover three experiments dealing with psychedelics and personality change. If you wish to explore the possibilities of psychedelic-assisted retreats for depression, please email Unfortunately at this point in time, we can not accept anyone with a clinical diagnosis of depression, and, correspondingly, our participants’ baseline depression scores are usually low. In fact, there are full retreats catered to post-traumatic stress and cognitive behavioral therapy that blend with mindfulness practices and depression rehab. At Synthesis, you will be given the space to detach from your everyday responsibilities, from overheads to childcare. Even though the number of qualitative studies on postpartum depression is increasing, knowledge development will … Objective To describe the comparative efficacy of drug and non-drug interventions for reducing symptoms of depression in people with dementia who experience depression as a neuropsychiatric symptom of dementia or have a diagnosis of a major depressive disorder. Although it will be necessary to refine our methodology in our future research, our initial findings are very promising. Synthesis participants report better sleep, decreased rumination on negativity, positive mood, improved concentration, … Sample HubSpot User June 26, 2020 June 26, 2020 And that’s how Synthesis was born. Blog — SYNTHESIS This website stores cookies on your computer. Enter a transformational haven where you can locate, evaluate, and modulate the psychosocial habits that underpin your current life-path. But journeying into the depths of the unbound, unconscious mind requires courage and … This means that, rather than blocking the progress of further investigations, the FDA are likely to greenlight its development into an available treatment option, should the clinical trials that are currently underway in Europe and North America prove successful. 5-MeO-DMT retreat Following the retreat, the community you have built during your time at Synthesis will extend into a private virtual circle, allowing the group to reflect, support one another, and collectively develop your integration of your ceremonial experiences and insights. WHAT IS PSYCHEDELIC THERAPY? Nevertheless, echoing the findings on the lasting positive effects of psilocybin from the Imperial team, the guests at Synthesis experienced a sustained reduction in depressive symptoms. ]]]. It is comprised of many modalities. Additionally, brain scans revealed that the DMN had been significantly affected by the psychedelic-assisted therapy. Providing these depressed patients with psilocybin-assisted therapy reduced their depression scores (measured by the Quick Inventory of Depressive Symptoms questionnaire) by more than half – and this reduction lasted for at least three months. A few carefully structured psilocybin trips can help a person in a multitude of different ways, including quitting smoking, and overcoming alcohol addiction.

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