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The sampler featured artistst such as Soufian, Lary, Disarstar, Luciano and Schwesta Ewa. No no, ona nikad ne e sama Kaj što gazi pravi drama Na nea nema maana Pozadi nea e galama. [48] In addition to his own album, Eno, who was taken over by Alles oder Nix Records, released the album Wellritzstrasse. Xatar Blaues Häkchen Musik Video.MP3 . Ohne Reden Lyrics. It was released in January 2018 by the Warner Music Group. Veysel - "Besser Als 50 Cent"Bruder, sag ma' ehrlich, wer will kein'n dicken Benz? [30] The collaborative album occupied No. [20][21][22] He also founded Kopfticker Records, a second label for rappers who aren't stylistically suited to Alles oder Nix Records. Everlast - Whitey Ford's House Of Pain (2018) Rap / Hip-Hop / Jazz / Blues. Mois & Manuellsen Reagieren Auf Eno X Xatar Ey Hawar .MP3 . Deutschrap Releases 2021. Eno Feat. (2021) 0. Sirenen Lyrics. Tobias Rapp of Spiegel praised Alles oder Nix: Bei uns sagt man, die Welt gehört dir. Die Soul-Ikone Aretha Franklin ist gestern im Alter von 76 Jahren verstorben. According to David Maurer, Xatar, who rolls "back into the game in an armored jeep like a mighty godfather dominating everything", embraces "a powerful aura". DOWNLOAD FULL ALBUM: XATAR – HRRR. Due to the I-perspective used, it acquires a "model character for young recipients". Stödöf Lyrics $€¥ Skit Lyrics. Released February 12, 2021. Music is an art that, in one guise or another, permeates every human society. Monetize Your Website × Cari. On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of his debut album, his fourth solo album Alles oder Nix II was released in the September. Xatar X Ssio Antar Official Video.MP3 . [75] The third single Wolke 10 reached 4.47 million hits on YouTube, in the first 24 hours, making it "the biggest German HipHop debut on YouTube" according to the video portal. Play Download Related. [56] The single release Ferrari with Mero occupied number 1 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Thus the "multiple sweeping talk of the 'truth, as it could have been'" continued to saw "at the credibility. What's New Mero was the first artist to receive a contract. [4] His first album, Alles oder nix was released at the end of November 2008. [4], The e-zine focused on Xatar's music from the first album after his release. Privacy "[83], Xatar's debut album earned him the accusation of endangering young people. Kabul Drive By Lyrics. After Saddam Hussein's regime attacked the Kurdish minority in Iraq his parents were also tortured and imprisoned. In cooperation with Golden Pipe he founded the shisha tobacco brand Orijinal. Smooth Operator Lyrics. $€vskit Lyrics Xatar HRRR. Damals wollt ich groß ticken als ich klein tickte (Alles oder Nix, Alles oder Nix hah). Smooth Operator. Xatar Ey Hawar Lyrics.MP3 . Bayda Lyrics. 1. Xatar “blaues Häkchen” Official Video.MP3 . [31][48] Xatar also received awards for other artistic genres. Donate. With Xatar's autobiography, the wish that "as street intellectuals, rappers would tell about life in a larger country and a smaller world" has come true. Home. This is the list of 1 songs contained into the album. Videos Lil Nas X - MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) (Official Video) 2TON - FTYRA JOTE (prod. Add lyrics of XATAR. 1 in the charts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Chart achievements for this song. Omik K - Zero (2021) 0. Since 26 February 2010, Alles oder Nix has been on List A of the indexed media. "Hrrr" meaning comes from German language and currently not converted to english translation. Copyrights (DMCA) album: "HRRR" (2021) Ohne Reden. For the brand he cooperated with DefShop. Baba aller Babas and Alles or Nix II each received three of a possible five rating points. [66] He achieved even higher sales and streaming figures with his company Groove Attack TraX at the end of 2018. Lyrics “Ducati” – Tasko. [70], At the same time as his personal commercial breakthrough, Xatar was also able to celebrate his first successes as label manager of Alles oder Nix Records. In the early 1980s, his parents fled with him to nearby Iraq. [1][2] In the early 1980s, his parents fled with him to nearby Iraq. Die Strasse lebt Lyrics. Flaschengeist Lyrics. Play Download Related. HRRR Tracklist. While Schwesta Ewa's debut album Kurwa received the Silver Award from Impala, SSIO achieved Double Silver with his albums BB.U.M.SS.N and 0,9. Flaschengeist. Blaues Häkchen Lyrics. [16] At the same time he started the production of his third album, for which he was again able to attract a number of well-known guests such as SSIO, Haftbefehl, Schwesta Ewa, Olexesh, Kalim, Samy and Teesy. The reporter Ilhan Coşkun interviewed a person appearing under the pseudonym Kai, who claimed to influence the charts on behalf of managers. In May 2015 Baba aller Babas came out and reached number 1 on the German charts. VERPENNT PARADIES - BONEZ MC / SA4 / GZUZ neues Lied - 187 alle Lieder - Inhale / Exhale LX MAXWELL By John King. Antar. Although Hajabi was finally caught and imprisoned in solitary confinement, the album was completed and supplemented by guest contributions from rappers such as Farid Bang, Nate57, Celo & Abdi, Capo and Eko Fresh and released on his label in April 2012. He himself was held prisoner for three months near Bagdad. Play Download Related. [53] Baller los also received gold records in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The artists on the platform were initially inspired by the G-funk and Boo-Bap-Rap of the 90s. AchtVier, Boz & Reeperbahn Kareem - DEAD END EP (2021) 0. List of Songs Lyrics and Translations of Xatar & Ssio. [19][84][85], Commercial breakthrough with Baba aller Babas and collaboration with Haftbefehl, Expansion of entrepreneurial fields and contract with Universal Music, Bundesprüfstelle für jugendgefährdende Medien, Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons, "Integrationsprojekt Besser ein Punk werden als ein Schläger", "Facebook-Video Rapper Xatar offenbar aus der Haft entlassen", "Es gab in Deutschland keine Vorbilder, die so aussahen wie ich", "Xatar, vom Knast an die Spitze der Charts". Wie Klickzahlen manipuliert werden", "Groove Attack reagiert auf Bericht über angeblich gekaufte Klicks & Streams", "Jede Silbe sitzt, jede Line passt in den Takt", "Independents Going Strong - Impala Sales Awards Clock Up Another 10M Units", "Gewinnspiel: 5 x1 Buch: Xatar – "Alles oder Nix: Bei uns sagt man die Welt gehört dir, "Mero – 'Baller Los' geht von null auf eins", "Platz 1 in den Charts und Spotify-Rekorde: Neue Erfolge für Mero", "Rekord: Mero feiert größtes deutsches HipHop-Debüt auf YouTube", "Alles oder Nix: Ein Jahrzehnt deutscher Gangsta-Rap", "Nur der Mantel sitzt besser als die Beats", "Ich komme aus der Gewalt, aber habe sie nie geliebt",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Alles oder nix Records, Groove Attack TraX, This page was last edited on 5 April 2021, at 22:44. [57][58], In May, the Y-Kollektiv published a documentary dealing with the manipulation of the number of downloads of streaming services and charts. He authored his autobiography Alles oder Nix: Bei uns sagt man, die Welt gehört dir ("All or nothing: We say the world belongs to you") in 2015. Features HRRR release year and link to Xatar lyrics! It is the most streamed title on a single day in Germany. Xatar presented the book at the Frankfurt Book Fair and on stern TV. He said that the book was an "Entwicklungsroman of our time," which is "exciting and well told". Headie One - EDNA (Deluxe) (2021) 0. [7] Less than a year after its release, Xatar's debut album was indexed by the Bundesprüfstelle für jugendgefährdende Medien ("German Federal Review Board for Media Harmful to Minors"). Latest released albums by Xatar & Ssio. [79] Holger Grevenbrock praised the "dynamics of fast and slow parts" with regard to Der Holland Job, which "ensure a constant tension". [49] Schwesta Ewa and Samy also released albums, Aywa and Mann im Haus in 2018. Xatar "blaues Häkchen" Lyrics .MP3 . ... Xatar X Ssio "hrrr" Official Video.MP3 . Modern music is heard in a bewildering profusion of styles, many of them contemporary, others engendered in past eras. Lyrics (tekst) Miligram - Crna Kutija Ne znam ja da l' si našla Pokraj nekog dom Suza bi put pronašla I kroz stijene Ja sam ti živi svjedok Pao sam po Since the men involved were associated with Xatar and the injured man with the musician KC Rebell, some tabloid media spoke of a "rapper war". From 100,000 clicks on, they were to be given the opportunity to publish an album. "Xatar: 'Die haben unsere Knöchel immer wieder gegen Herdplatten gedrückt. Xatar HRRR lyrics. Xatar presents himself "as the lonely exception, the only real criminal among would-be bandits and scoundrels". Follow Me Lyrics. Play Download Related. XATAR Lyrics. Are you interested in other translations of the songs of Xatar & Ssio ? Play Download Related. In addition to knife wounds, he also suffered a fractured skull. [50][51] Kalim's contract with the label expired in summer. Oči svetat dijamanti, yea Telo crno Maserati, yea Ona skapa Emirati, yea A me vozi ko Ducati, yea . [60][61] Xatar rejected the accusation that he had bought "fake streams". Advertisement. With his second album Nr. [4] In addition to his label colleagues Samy and SSIO, it also features guest contributions from La Honda, Azad, Jetsett Mehmet, Jamila and Jalaal. The album sold over 70,000 copies, making it number 1 in the German charts. [58], For the tenth anniversary of Alles oder Nix Records Michael Rubach from looked back on the development of Xatar and his label. [37][38], In the same year, Xatar started to expand his activities away from the music industry. HRRR. In terms of content, however, "even after a few runs" it became apparent that "the tracks about his life before, during and after prison don't have a particularly long half-life despite a good starting position". Send us a lyrics. The first artists he signed were Samy and SSIO. [71][72] The subsequent tracks Hobby Hobby and Wolke 10 also reached the top positions of both countries. [10] In Switzerland it reached number 23 and in Austria 52. All albums by Xatar available to download and stream in high quality. [26] In the same year, Xatars main label Alles oder Nix Records released the albums 0,9, with which SSIO was able to reach Number 1 in the charts for the first time, and Odyssee 579 by Kalim. He also had an acting role in the movie Familiye and the ZDFneo-sitcom Blockbustaz. Eno Ey Hawar Ft. Xatar Lyrics.MP3 . [17] Impala awarded it Double Silver. ", "Die Heilige Dreieinfältigkeit: Gucci, Louis, Prada", "Die Frankfurterin verwässert ihre authentisch rigorose Figur", "Kalim im Interview: 'Ich würde immer noch Drogen verkaufen, wenn es Rap nicht gäbe, "Hype auf Albumlänge: Mero veröffentlicht 'Ya Hero Ya Mero' (Stream)", "Groove Attack und Xatar gründen Groove Attack TraX", "Groove Attack und Xatar gießen Partnerschaft in Gold", "Der Sound für 14-Jährige mit der JBL-Boombox", "Der Rap Hack: Kauf Dich in die Charts! [23] The first artist was Plusmacher with his album Ernte. With his first three singles Baller los, Hobby Hobby and Wolke 10 as well as his album Ya Hero Ya Mero, which followed in March 2019, he reached number 1 in the German charts. [4][9] The album Nr. In addition to his musical activities, Xatar expanded his entrepreneurial work with the hookah lounge Bar Noon, the tobacco brand Orijinal and jewelry and clothing design for Massari. ToS [73][74] In addition, Hobby Hobby achieved 2.1 million hits on the music streaming service Spotify on the day of its release. 까마득한 여름밤 Gemini Switch it up, take it away 너와 함께 더 깊어져 가는 night, night Let's go on a ride [Chorus: RAIN] The lyrics of the songs of Xatar. XATAR's Lyrics. [59] He mentioned Mero and Sero el Mero, two young rappers associated with Xatar, whose numbers he said had been manipulated. View LYRICS of 39 songs and 4 albums of Xatar. [77] Ferrari, a collaboration of Eno and Mero, also took first place in the charts of three countries. Earnings and Net Worth accumulated by sponsorships and other sources according to information found in the internet. He is also founder and owner of the labels Alles oder Nix Records and Groove Attack TraX, and was the managing director of the now closed company Kopfticker Records. Blaues Häkchen. Nevertheless, "from the first page there is an oversized question in the room" as to which part is true. He later signed an artist contract with Urban. [24][25], At the beginning of 2016, Xatar performed in Berlin's Columbia Halle as part of the benefit campaign The Voice Of The Voiceless. Ojzmusic brings you the latest Music for your listening pleasure, firstly let tell you about Music and what it does for the society. You can click on one to see the corresponding lyrics and translations. Nevertheless, the Bonn artist showed "that a good album doesn't necessarily require complex rhyme structures and intricate storytelling". [27][28] In May 2016, Xatar and Haftbefehl announced their joint album Der Holland Job with a promotion campaign as part of the television show Studio Amani and the subsequent removal of their social media profiles. He also worked on his second album, playing instrumentals on his mobile phone at night and rapping his lyrics into a voice recorder. Through his labels, he promoted hip hop musicians such as SSIO, Schwesta Ewa, Kalim, Eno, Mero, and Sero el Mero. His father is the music professor Eghbal Hajabi. 500 PS Ohne mein Team Beste Leben Es geht voran Optimal Palmen aus Plastik 2 Mörder Mit den Jungz Kontrollieren Von ihnen gelernt an ihnen vorbei Palmen aus Gold Drück Drück Super Honda Civic Haifisch Nikez Unnormal Skifahren Karneval High & Hungrig Wolke 7 … Xatar & Ssio has published a new song entitled 'Antar' taken from the album 'HRRR' and we are pleased to show you the lyrics and the translation.. HRRR. The album was put on the German index in February 2010 (meaning it cannot be sold to minors or advertised due to its violent lyrics). [12][13][14][15], One month after his release he released Schwesta Ewa's debut album Kurwa via his label. The songs have a "brutal" effect and incite "violence". XATAR & SSIO. Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia (The Moonlight Edition) (2021) 0. HRRR XATAR. Toggle navigation. 1 Lyrics and Translations found . [18] In the same year Xatar, together with SSIO and two other friends, opened the Shisha bar Bar Noon in Cologne together with SSIO. [17] In Austria and Switzerland it reached number 3 respectively. At this time, the first Gulf War broke out between the two Middle Eastern states. We are updating the artist's biography. The debut single of his first artist Mero already entered the German and Austrian single charts at number 1. Sirenen Lyrics. The arrest warrant was ultimately lifted. Eno Feat. With their "no-frills street rap", they have set themselves apart from the "trends or stylistic twists of the time," which "had their roots above all in Berlin's underground and the boys from Düsseldorf with their powerful word play". After the incident, the Cologne District Court issued an arrest warrant against Xatar for attempted manslaughter and assault. As an author, he reached the top of the Spiegel bestseller list of non-fiction books in 2015 with his autobiography Alles oder Nix: bei uns sagt man man, die Welt gehört dir. Lyrics. He surrendered on August 23, 2016, referring to having been on his way back from a Hanover festival at the time of the crime. Antar. Blog about lyrics, lirik lagu, song, songtext, liedtexte, letras, paroles, kpop, jpop, music, video, anime, ost, film, Tekst Pjesme, sangtekster, tekst piosenki, Versuri, dainos žodžiai, låttexter, qo'shiq so'zlari. With Platz ins Geschäft, Eine Geschichte 1, Skit, Guck wie dein Herz klopft, Lauf weg, §31 and B.O.X. Die Straße lebt by XATAR, Bonez MC, Gzuz & Almany Lyrics. "[8], In the summer of 2016, a man in front of Xatar's hookah lounge Bar Noon was attacked by several men. The limited box edition also includes the rapper's debut album, reduced by the number of indexed tracks. Monetize Your Website × Cari. 15K 3. Play Download Related. Maestro's Grand Finale (Outro) Lyrics. Dardan macht 2021 da weiter wo er 2020 aufgehört hat. Home. [66] Baba aller Babas marked the rapper's commercial breakthrough in 2015. Courtesy of HBO Max. There had been public disputes between the two hip-hop musicians some time before, after Xatar had claimed that KC Rebell had wanted to join Alles or Nix Records a year earlier. The German-Turkish rapper also achieved his first chart positions in the Netherlands and Belgium. [29] The Berlin label Four Music released it on August 12, 2016. Mero's first album Ya Hero Ya Mero climbed to position 1 in German-speaking countries in March 2019. Forums [5][6] In 2007 he founded the label Alles oder Nix Records, which signed a distribution contract with Groove Attack. "Indizierungspraxis bei deutschem Hip Hop", "Der Rocco Siffredi des Rap hängt den Penis aus dem Fenster", "Gewalt in Rapper-Szene – In herzlicher Feindschaft", "Hundert Jahre Knast mehr: Rapper Xatar auf der Buchmesse", "Xatar live bei stern TV - der komplette Talk", "Xatar: 'Wenn ich Rapper habe, die mal in den Knast müssen, ist das für mich Routine.' Click here now and sing along! Capital Bra, Azet, Schwesta Ewa, Samy, Eno and Nu51 are featured as guest rappers. [8], In 2011 Alles oder Nix Records signed the rapper Schwesta Ewa. [39] He also started to work as a fashion and jewellery designer with the company Massari. Although "strong lead tracks like 'Iz Da' or 'Original' are missing", Xatar shows his "reflective side" in the honest song Schwesterherz. Giwar Hajabi (Sorani Kurdish: ژیوار حاجبی‎, Central Kurdish pronunciation: ['ʒiwɑːɾ ħɑː'dʒəbiː]; born December 24, 1981), better known by his stage name X A T A R (Central Kurdish pronunciation: ['χətəɾ]), is a German entrepreneur, publisher, rapper and producer of Kurdish descent. He then sent the tapes by post to his label. [33][34][35][36] In November Xatar dissolved his second label, causing the rappers Eno, Yonii, Sylabil Spill, Ajé, Joao Michel Diau, Dollar Euro Yen and Levo to lose their contracts. "[82] Dani Fromm from had a less positive opinion of the non-fiction book. Hrrr Lyrics. [62] Groove Attack and Groove Attack TraX also declared that at no time did they buy clicks or make any other manipulation effort to artificially make artists famous. Antar Lyrics. Xatar Ey Hawar Official Video.MP3 . [52], At the end of the year Xatar founded the label Groove Attack TraX together with the distributor Groove Attack. Download Xatar Blaues Hakchen Official Video 256 kbps mp3 songs for free. In addition, Xatar used terms such as "Baba" "long before Haftbefehl and other Frankfurters of the generation after Azad had made the mixed-cultural slang mainstream-friendly".; News from the music's world; THE ARTISTS OF THE COMMUNITY × Xatar. seven songs were classified as "youth endangering" by the Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons. [66] The following albums released through the distribution channels of major labels, Der Holland Job and Alles oder Nix II, also reached number 1 in the charts. From the point of view of the Review Board, Xatar presents the "exercise of violence as worthy of imitation" and a "violent assertion of one's own interests as an alternativeless concept of action". Ona vozi ko Ducati, vrum vrum..③ Ona vozi ko Ducati, yea. JPEGMAFIA - EP2! Follow Me by XATAR & 2LADE Lyrics. POPNABLE germany, About [78] Dennis Sand on the other hand, assessed the beginnings more critically in a portrait of Xatar in 2015. "[80] Alles oder Nix II is, according to Lukas Rauer, "trendier and more modern...breaking with the familiar AON-Kopfnicker sound". XATAR - HRRR (2021) 0. Contact Us In case you have the lyrics to $€vskit and want to send them to us, fill out the following form: Artist: Xatar lyrics Album: HRRR Title: $€vskit Your Name: Your E-Mail: Lyrics: Print; Top Lyrics. XATAR x SSIO - Hrrr Lyrics Karin February 28, 2021. Die Straße lebt Lyrics. Maestro's Grand Finale (Outro) You May Also Like. Play Download Related. Achievements have been reached by "Hrrr" as summary. twitter; facebook; Lyrics to $€vskit Lyricsmania staff is working hard for you to add $€vskit lyrics as soon as they'll be released by Xatar, check back soon! [3] At this time, the first Gulf War broke out between the two Middle Eastern states. 415 he entered the top 20 of the album charts. Vega - 069 (2021) 0. 11.5K 2. [47] Alles oder Nix II was the third album of the artist from Bonn to reach Number 1 in the charts. Play Download Related. [63] At the same time as the controversy Groove Attack TraX signed the Bremerhaven rapper Sero el Mero. "Hrrr" has lyrics in German language. Even if "some of it is due to exaggeration", the story of the rapper is "still crazy enough. View: 553; Xatar Lyrics. [19] On October 12, 2015 he published his autobiography Alles oder Nix: Bei uns sagt man, die Welt gehört dir through riva Verlag. [64] The singles Ohne Sinn, Dein Fahrer, Nokia and Telefon were followed in mid-August by his album BabyFaceFlow. Play Download Related. After several run-ins with the law (he was, among others, wanted for drug dealing from 2005 to 2007, and convicted of assault and battery in 2007 and 2009), Xatar was sentenced in December 2011 to eight years in prison for raiding a gold transporter. Hrrr Lyrics. [31][32], In 2017, the albums Shäms by Samy and Thronfolger by Kalim appeared through Alles oder Nix Records, as did Xalaz by Eno, Entre 2 Mondes by Yonii, Kush Hunter by Plusmacher, Der letzte weisse König by Sylabil Spill and Favela by Levo through Kopfticker Records. Eno Feat. Dove Cameron Dove Cameron - LazyBaby Lyrics Dove Cameron - LazyBaby Lyrics Lyrics Dove Cameron - LazyBaby. [54][55] This was followed in May 2019 by the release of Eno's album Fuchs by Alles oder Nix Records. The video resonated widely with the German rap scene. [44][45][46], In March 2018, Xatar signed a contract with Universal Music Group, which has since taken over the distribution of his label's releases. "[81], Xatar's 2015 autobiography received mixed reviews. [4], At the end of the 1990s Hajabi began using the pseudonym Xatar, the Kurdish term for "danger", to rap and produce beats in the recording room of a youth center. Having lost its opening game against Ireland and overcome Samoa in its second, Scotland needed a bonus-point win -- awarded for scoring four tries or more -- … [68][69] At the Echo Music Prize in 2016 he received a nomination in the category Best Video National for the first-mentioned production. His father is the music professor Eghbal Hajabi. [42][43] Xatar also appeared in a small role in the accompanying drama. Eno Ft Xatar Ey Hawar Lyrics مترجمة للعربيه.MP3 . Thus the Bonn artist "at that time still quite awkwardly verbalized his half imagined, half real street life on a soundtrack. Sirenen. Lyrics & Translations Lyrics & Translations - Hrrr by Xatar Ssio "Hrrr's" lyrics and translations. Ohne reden, Follow me, Blaues häkchen, Antar, Gib kein hand, Nur gott kann mich richten, Drück, Wäwä, Zukunft belesh, Solo dio and all albums of Xatar. Blog about lyrics, lirik lagu, song, songtext, liedtexte, letras, paroles, kpop, jpop, music, video, anime, ost, film, Tekst Pjesme, sangtekster, tekst piosenki, Versuri, dainos žodžiai, låttexter, qo'shiq so'zlari. Freeze Corleone (Clip officiel) FARID BANG - „KUCK KUCK" [official Video] prod. [65], Xatar celebrated his first successes as an artist in 2012. Xatar was born in 1981 under the name Giwar Hajabi in Sanandaj in the Iranian province of Kurdistan.

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