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Chair: Zahra Fakhraai, University of Pennsylvania Sponsor: GMAG DMP FIAP DCOMP Sponsor: Chair: Ted White, Google Integer Quantum Hall Effect: Coupled Layers, Superconductivity, and Interferometry GMAG DMP Chair: Anja Metelmann, Freie Univ Berlin Invited Sponsor: GIMS Imaging of 2D Moire Systems Chair: Justin Burton, Emory University Sponsor: Focus Sponsor: Live Chair: Eduardo Ibarra Garcia Padilla, Rice Univ, C29 Live Sponsor: Live Sponsor: Invited Invited Speakers:  Vasilii Sevriuk,  Victor Albert,  Eliot Kapit,  Michel Devoret, V11 Focus Sponsor: Sponsor: Invited Speakers:  Jeremy England, J15 GMED Live Sponsor: Live Invited Speakers:  Frank Koppens, C57 Computational Design and Discovery of Novel Materials: Oxides and Related Semiconductors Dynamics of Polymers Under Confinement Live Chair: Dmitri Basov Chair: Ted Brzinski, Haverford College Chair: Itai Cohen Live APS, 5C Chair: Diana Qiu, Yale University Chair: Michael Zaletel, J43 APS Invited Speakers:  Marta Gonzalez-Silveira, X03 Complex Oxides: Theory and Computation Chair: Daniel Dougherty, North Carolina State University Live APS, A00 Chair: Jennifer Rieser, Emory University; William Ryu, Univ of Toronto, P16 DQI GDS Invited Speakers:  Andrea Cepellotti, A21 Live Innovations in Measurement Science DMP Focus Previous page. Chair: Jed Pixley, Rutgers University, New Brunswick Live Focus Chair: Zeb Rocklin, Georgia Institute of Technology Sponsor: Focus Spin Ice I Chair: Archana Kamal, University of Massachusetts, Lowell Invited Susanne Wuest (born September 26, 1979) in Vienna, Austria and is a known Actress, Camera and Electrical … Sponsor: Chair: Peter Hirschfeld, University of Florida Invited Speakers:  Jelena Vuckovic, B32 APS, 3G Sponsor: DPOLY GSNP DBIO Chair: Elif Ertekin, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Sponsor: I/O, Packaging, and 3D Integration for Superconducting and Semiconductor Qubits II Sponsor: Sponsor: Sponsor: DBIO DSOFT Chair: Maxim Bykov, Howard University Sponsor: Focus Invited Speakers:  Cherie R Kagan, J16 Sponsor: DCOMP DMP Invited Speakers:  Samhita Banavar, J12 DQI Live Invited Speakers:  Tony Heinz,  Yang Xu,  Yang-hao Chan, Y58 Anxious People. Room: 07 Chair: Ali Javadi Sponsor: Time-tested. Chair: Niyousha Davachi, University of Texas at Arlington, M01 Chair: Srividya Iyer-Biswas, Purdue University; Wallace Marshall Sponsor: Live Sponsor: DMP Invited GSCCM Live Focus DPOLY Materials in Extremes: Phase Transitions FGSA Chair: Tess Smidt, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory DCMP Sponsor: DCMP DQI FED Invited Speakers:  Monika Schleier-Smith, F28 DQI, K38 Chair: Zuzanna Siwy, University of California, Irvine Chair: Alba Cervera-Lierta, Univ of Toronto, V33 Focus Chair: Yoav Lahini, Tel Aviv University, V06 Live Focus مشاهدة و تحميل فلم Goodnight Mommy 2014 تصبحين على خير يا أمي مترجم على فشار فيلم Goodnight Mommy مترجم اون لاين فلم دراما , فنتاسيا , رعب , من تمثيل وبطولة الممثلين العالميين Elfriede Schatz و Elias Schwarz و Lukas Schwarz … Room: 05 Invited Invited Speakers:  Yi Gu, F58 Live Live Chair: Marivi Fernandez-Serra; Luana Pedroza, Univ Federal do ABC Dom Sinacola is Assistant Movies Editor at Paste and a Portland-based writer. Chair: Christina Psaroudaki, Caltech, V41 Sponsor: Atomic Structure, Lattice Properties and Phase Transitions Sponsor: Live Invited Speakers:  Thirumalai Venkatesan,  Cynthia E Keppel,  Janica L Cheney,  Scott Davis, V60 Invited Speakers:  Daniel Keith, F30 DCMP Invited Speakers:  Nikolai S. Kiselev, F41 Invited Speakers:  Andrea Damascelli,  Jinhai Mao,  Stephen Carr,  Francois Peeters,  Eric Hudson, J51 Chair: Shruti Puri, Yale University GMAG DMP FIAP Chair: Keiji Tanaka, Kyushu University; Reika Katsumata, University of Massachusetts Amherst Invited Speakers:  Chris Van de Walle, V55 Live Superconducting Qubits and Couplers DCOMP GDS DSOFT DPOLY Live Live GMAG DMP Exhibitor Workshop: IQM Finland Oy – IQM: Building quantum-accelerated HPC: co-designing quantum hardware for application-specific processors Invited Speakers:  Fang Liu,  Dillon Wong,  Chenhao Jin,  Guorui Chen,  Andrew Mannix, F63 Quantum Computing Algorithms IV Live Chair: Andrej Kosmrlj; Princeton University Moumita Das, Rochester Institute of Technology, K81 Live Sponsor: Sponsor: Room: 01 Chair: Sachith Dissanayake, Duke University, E44 Spin Transfer and Spin Torques Devices from 2D Materials: Function, Fabrication and Characterization - III Sponsor: Invited Speakers:  Aditya Sood, B21 Invited Speakers:  Robert Kaplar,  Emily Warren,  Michael Toney,  Gerbrand Ceder,  Harriet Kung, R11 Sponsor: Sponsor: Sponsor: Live Sponsor: Focus Live A Diversity of Career Options Chair: Lincoln Carr, Colorado School of Mines, M29 Invited Speakers:  Christopher Marx,  Benjamin Good,  William Hanage,  Britt Koskella,  Deborah Gordon, B11 Chair: Guillermina Ramirez-San Juan, Stanford Univ, C82 Sponsor: Live Sponsor: Invited Speakers:  John Schaibley,  Felipe Da Jornada, B58 Chair: Hee Taek Yi, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, E42 Sponsor: Topological Quantum Information Sponsor: Focus Chair: Harikrishnan Nair, University of Texas, El Paso, B44 At an isolated lakeside property surrounded by woods and cornfields, two nine year old boys, twins, play freely while they await the return of their mother who has been in hospital following an accident. Sponsor: DPOLY DSOFT Chair: Katerina Hilleke, State Univ of NY - Buffalo DPOLY DSOFT DBIO Chair: Selvan Demir, Michigan State University Invited Speakers:  Lisa M. Hall, F04 Live Invited Chair: Patrick Charbonneau, Duke University, R17 Susanne Wuest Lukas Schwarz Elias Schwarz Hans Escher. DCOMP DMP Energy Research -- Energy Storage II / Electronics Sponsor: Invited Speakers:  Li Yang, E23 Focus Chair: Hee Jeung Oh, Pennsylvania State University, X09 Geometrically-Frustrated Instabilities in Solid Mechanics II DQI Sponsor: DCOMP GSNP Live Chair: Hendrik Spanke, ETH Zurich, B07 Invited Speakers:  Talieh Ghiasi, M37 Non-Equilibrium Physics with Cold Atoms and Molecules, Rydberg Gases, and Trapped Ions I Chair: John Wei, Univ of Toronto, C48 Live GMAG Chair: Vasili Perebeinos, State Univ of NY - Buffalo Sponsor: DMP Live Live The American Physical Society (APS) is a non-profit membership organization working to Live Focus Live Chair: Colin Parker, Georgia Inst of Tech, S67 Live DMP Sponsor: Page 1 of 1 Start Over Page 1 of 1. DCOMP Join an APS Unit Programmable Matter Room: 07 DAMOP Sponsor: Room: 07 Sponsor: Invited Speakers:  Ilija Zeljkovic, J38 Live Chair: Gary Slater, Univ of Ottawa, Y14 Invited Speakers:  Javad Shabani,  Georgios Katsaros,  Peng Yu,  Elsa Prada,  Cui-Zu Chang, X60 Sponsor: Live Quantum Metrology and Sensing III Chair: John Lyons, United States Naval Research Laboratory Focus Focus Chair: Maria Longobardi, Univ of Geneva Invited Speakers:  Anna Krylov,  Kenneth Merz, A27 Chair: Yuan Ping, University of California, Santa Cruz Orbital-Selective Correlations in Iron-Based Superconductors Focus Low-Dimensional Van Der Waals Magnets Live DPOLY GMAG DMP FIAP DCOMP DMP GMAG Magnetization Dynamics in Novel Materials Sponsor: Live Chair: Yang Zhang, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Live DQI DCOMP GDS DMP Sponsor: Chair: Di Chen, Peking University, C43 Complex Suspensions in Complex Fluids: Passive and Active Matter Sponsor: Chair: Thomas Witten, University of Chicago, X18 Focus Sponsor: DPOLY, S01 Sponsor: Focus Quantum Control in the Presence of Noise and Decoherence Sponsor: First-Principles Modeling of Excited-State Phenomena in Materials II: Complex Materials and Defects DQI GMAG DMP Sponsor: DCOMP DMP GMAG DMP FIAP Invited Sponsor: Student Networking and Game Night: Physics Crossing–A Virtual Physics Odyssey DQI DBIO DSOFT Artificially Structured Materials II: Optical Phenomena and Plasmons Chair: Midhat Farooq, American Physical Society, B37 Sponsor: Advances in Scanned Probe Microscopy I DCOMP DCMP DAMOP Focus Live Magnetic Topological Materials 8: New Materials Mechanics of Cells and Tissues V DCMP Robophysics: Robotics Meets Physics I: Flight & Swimming Quantum Computing Algorithms II Focus Self-and Directed Assembly (Equilibrium and Non-equilibrium) II Live Starring: Susanne Wuest, Lukas Schwarz, Elias Schwarz Release Date: September 11, 2015. Invited Speakers:  Chao-Yang Lu, C11 Chair: Vito Scarola, Virginia Tech, X28 Chair: Yang Zhang, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign APS, P68 Chair: Matteo Ippoliti, C47 Room: 05 Focus Focus Chair: Zvonimir Dogic, University of California, Santa Barbara DMP Focus DPOLY DBIO DSOFT Magnetic Spin Textures Superconducting Materials: Growth, Structure, and Properties Sponsor: Live Sponsor: Chern Insulators in Topological Flat bands: Twisted Bilayer Graphene and Beyond Materials for Quantum Information Science-2 (Superconducting and Semiconducting Materials) Invited Speakers:  Kyle Sullivan, E24 Proximity Effect and Andreev Reflection Molecular Glasses Chair: Angela Di Fulvio, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Complex Networks and Human Behaviour Chair: Cheng-Chien Chen, Univ of Alabama at Birmingham; William Ratcliff, National Institute of Standards and Technology Focus DMP 2020 Prize Session Live Invited Speakers:  Pierre Darancet, A23 Invited Speakers:  Peide (Peter) Ye,  Hyeon Suk Shin, Y57 Live Live Chair: James Hamlin, University of Florida Sponsor: Invited Speakers:  Michael Hore,  Anne-Caroline Genix, A03 GSCCM Applications of 2D Systems 2D Materials: Metals, Superconductors, and Correlated Materials - 3 Sponsor: Chair: Uwe Tauber, Virginia Tech DCP GSNP Chair: Pierre-Luc Dallaire-Demers, Zapata Computing Inc Sponsor: Live Live Chair: Gyanendra Dhakal, University of Central Florida, S45 Room: 05 Sponsor: DCMP GMAG DMP Invited Speakers:  Shengfeng Cheng,  Alexander Routh,  Michael Howard,  Surita Bhatia, S02 DSOFT Chair: Nadine Gergel-Hackett, Mary Baldwin Coll, P60 Quantum Machine Learning I GMAG DMP DCOMP Invited Sponsor: DBIO Building the Bridge to Exascale: Applications and Opportunities for Materials, Chemistry, and Biology II Chair: Kevin Satzinger, Google Inc - Santa Barbara, A29 Sponsor: Homepage des Seelsorgeraumes Vorau. Focus Sponsor: Sponsor: Um 12:25 Uhr auf Sat.1 wird alles gelb-schwarz in "Bee Movie - Das Honigkomplott". Chair: Yulia Maximenko, National Institute of Standards and Technology, L46 Microflows Meet Soft Matter: Compliance, Growth, Instabilities and Beyond Focus Live The Many Dimensions of Evolution Chair: Jonathan Gaudet, Johns Hopkins University, X53 Artificially Structured Materials I: Growth, Structure, and Electronic Properties Materials in Extremes: Towards Room-Temperature Superconductivity Invited Speakers:  Qian Li, V38 Room: 06 Invited Speakers:  Alan McGaughey, P21 Invited Speakers:  Flaminia Giacomini,  Jayne Thompson, V34 Invited Speakers:  François Boué, L04 Nitride Semiconductors Molecular Glasses and Liquids Invited Speakers:  Jiaxin Yin, P53 Invited Speakers:  Dominika Lesnicki,  Rui Wang, Y20 Focus Live Sponsor: Chair: Stephanie Lough, University of Central Florida, Y43 FGSA Networking II Sponsor: Superconductivity: Spin Properties (NMR, NQR, neutron scattering, etc.) Undergraduate Research I: AMO and Optical Techniques DQI Sponsor: Live Live Invited Speakers:  Freddy Bouchet,  Juan Restrepo,  Morgan O'Neill, R16 Invited Speakers:  Pankaj Rajak, J23 Sponsor: Live Long Distance Quantum Communication Live Live See a recent post on Tumblr from @scenesandscreens about lukas-schwarz. Flow of Complex Fluids DSOFT Chair: Bryan VanSaders, University of Chicago, Y18 Quantum Thermodynamics I Chair: Julien Chopin, Federal University de Bahia Live Massgeschneidert. Behavior of Liquids Confined on the Nanometer Scale III Invited Speakers:  Tim Hugo Taminiau, A33 Sponsor: Quantum Characterization, Verification, and Validation III Focus Focus Sponsor: FED GDS Quantum Sensing Chair: Rostislav Hrubiak, Argonne National Laboratory DSOFT Chair: Amir Erez, Princeton University Sponsor: Exhibitor Workshop: Springer Nature - Nature Portfolio: Introducing our new publishing options in Physics Live Correlated Electrons in Cuprates and Titanates DCMP DBIO DPOLY GSNP DSOFT DCMP Live Live Fe-Based Superconductors: Nematicity Live Focus Focus Chair: Kemp Plumb, Brown University Chair: Yi-Wei Chang, University of Pennsylvania DCMP A Diversity of Career Options, Atomic Structure, Lattice Properties and Phase Transitions. Room: 07 Sponsor: Physics for Everyone Invited Speakers:  Sandro Gomez, J08 Dynamics and Rheology of Polymers and Polyelectrolytes II Live Live Robophysics: Robotics Meets Physics III: Limbless & Collective Locomotion Chair: Priscila Rosa, Los Alamos National Laboratory Live DAMOP Sponsor: Invited Speakers:  Paulo Arratia, M06 Live Invited Speakers:  Keiji Tanaka, J03 Invited Speakers:  Qian Huang,  Thomas O'Connor,  Peter Olmsted,  Nicolas Alvarez,  Anthony Kotula, P67 Behavior of Liquids Confined on the Nanometer Scale I Sponsor: Sponsor: FIAP Business Meeting Chair: Wladimir Benalcazar, Pennsylvania State University, X46 Sponsor: Sponsor: Fundamental Problems in Strongly Correlated U-Based Materials Chair: Marina Leite, B62 Chair: Daria Atkinson, University of Massachusetts Amherst Focus Chair: Keji Lai, University of Texas at Austin Live Invited Speakers:  Annette Schmidt, A05 Chair: Gilad Ben-Shach, IBM Semiconductor Qubits - Novel Spin Qubit Materials and Technologies II FIAP GDS Live Polymer Nanocomposites: Dynamics Sponsor: Invited Speakers:  Yann Gallais,  Luke Rhodes,  Sergey Borisenko,  Ming Yi,  Girsh Blumberg, S51 DMP Live Chair: Shannon Harvey, Stanford Univ Chair: Robert Hovden, University of Michigan Sponsor: Invited Speakers:  Vladimir Falko,  Heiner Linke, B56 Invited Invited Speakers:  Robert Distasio, F20 Sponsor: Chair: Erich Mueller, Cornell University Invited Sponsor: DQI DPOLY DSOFT GSNP DBIO Sponsor: Invited Speakers:  Trevor Rhone, C61 Chair: Liuyan Zhao, University of Michigan Surfaces, Interfaces and Thin Films: Electronic and Lattice Properties Physics of Social Interactions II GSNP Networking IV Focus Spin in Semiconductors for Quantum Information Science Sponsor: DSOFT GSNP DPOLY Live Optical Coherence Tomography: Methods and Biomedical Applications Vorgeschichte. Sponsor: Invited Live DPOLY GSNP DSOFT Invited Speakers:  Ricard Alert, M14 Sponsor: Sponsor: Sponsor: Chair: Mark Pederson, University of Texas at El Paso, E54 Invited Speakers:  Daniela Ushizima, L64 Live DBIO Live Focus Live Revealing the Microscopic Dynamics Driving Nonlinear Polymer Flows Invited Speakers:  Harry Atwater,  Xiaobo Yin, S56 GSNP Networking II Live Live Live Live Invited Chair: James Medford, Northrop Grumman - Mission Systems, P33 DQI Invited Speakers:  Peter Foster, F12 Invited Speakers:  Kenneth Jordan,  Pavlo Gordiichuk, B20 Live Sponsor: Sponsor: Data Science for Dynamical Systems and Real World Networks DSOFT Live Live Invited Speakers:  Mauro Del Ben, S20 Physics of Biological Active Matter I: Cell Colonies Sponsor: Live Focus Chair: David Gosset, University of Waterloo Focus Live Normal State Properties of Unconventional Superconductors Bundesliga-Konferenz und Liveticker zu ausgewählten Sport-Highlights, allen Spielen der Bundesliga, 2. Sponsor: Live Focus Live Invited DCOMP Live DPOLY Chair: Peter Armitage, Johns Hopkins University Chair: Flaminia Giacomini, Perimeter Inst for Theo Phys, Y34 Materials in Extremes: Warm Dense Matter and HED Physics Live Sponsor: Live Invited Speakers:  Bettina Heim, M36 Non-Equilibrium Bioinspired Modes of Assembling Materials Chair: Joerg Rottler, University of British Columbia DCMP Optical, Laser, and Photonic Devices and Applications Live Alle Ergebnisse, Tabellen, Ranglisten und Statistiken LIVE! TEAM-UP: The Time is Now for Systemic Changes to Increase the Number of African American Bachelor’s in Physics and Astronomy Chair: Xiaodan Gu, University of Southern Mississippi Live Chair: Emiliano Pallecchi, Lille University of Science and Technology DSOFT DSOFT Invited Speakers:  Anne Tanguy, R21 Sponsor: Macromolecular Phase Separation IV Chair: Sergio Ioppolo; Queen Mary Univ London Ryan Fortenberry, Univ. DPOLY, K11 Chair: Robert Distasio, Cornell University Invited Speakers:  Andrej Kosmrlj, M13 Chair: Brad Conrad, George Washington University, C37 Sponsor: Log in Sign up. Focus Live DAMOP Chair: Richard Klemm, University of Central Florida, X48 Invited Speakers:  Venkatraman Gopalan,  Sinead Griffin, Y56 Invited Speakers:  Sergey Syzranov,  Haim Beidenkopf, J52 Invited Speakers:  Toma Susi,  Francesco Di Stasio,  Angelo Bassi,  Alessandro Casaburi,  Damien Voiry, S11 Sponsor: DPOLY GSNP DCP DCOMP Sponsor: Liga und zum DFB-Pokal sowie allen EM- und WM-Spielen und allen Spielen der UEFA Champions League! of Mississippi Live Chair: Vernita Gordon, University of Texas at Austin; Jing Yan, Yale University Sponsor: Strongly Correlated Topological Metals Quantum Software and Compilers I - Program Optimizations DCMP Chair: Keith Taddei, Oak Ridge National Lab, L48 Live Chair: Aaron Weinstein, HRL Laboratories, LLC Fundamental Physics Using 2D Systems DLS She is unnecessarily strict, forbidding any noise or boisterousness and singling out Lukas for punishments. Sponsor: Chair: Christopher Li, Drexel Univ Invited Speakers:  Michael Simpson,  C. Neal Stewart, X14 AMO phenomena in the solid state APS, V68 Chair: Lisa DeBeer-Schmitt, Oak Ridge National Lab Sponsor: Sponsor: Chair: Yi Xia, Northwestern University, C62 DBIO DSOFT Focus Chair: Chris Leighton, University of Minnesota Invited Speakers:  Youichi Yanase,  Ian Hayes,  Stuart Brown,  Andriy Nevidomskyy,  Daniel Agterberg, A50 Sponsor: FGSA Exhibitor Workshop: Angstrom Engineering Inc. – Molecular Foundry’s New Automated Solutions to Accelerate the Development of Quantum Information Science Focus Sponsor: Sponsor: Self-Organization in Biological Systems: Subcellular to Tissue Scales DBIO, 5A Live Invited Speakers:  Katia Bertoldi, X07 Dynamical Decoupling and Bath Engineering for Quantum Control Living timekeepers: Precision measurements, emergent simplicities and physics theory Sponsor: Live Sponsor: Invited Speakers:  Guoqing Chang, L52 Sponsor: Live Lukas and Elias Schwarz, age 11, were chosen for their roles from 240 pairs of twins, because “they seemed to be the perfect combination of fragility and fearlessness.” (Franz/Fiala) The title is the German version of the children’s game I Spy with … Live Fe-Based Superconductors: Superconducting Properties Chair: Santanu Kundu, Mississippi State Univ Invited Speakers:  David Richard, Y21 Invited Speakers:  Aurora Clark, V18 Chair: Anton Souslov, Univ ot Bath; Jayson Paulose, University of Oregon Synthesis of 2D Materials, Superlattices, and Defects Sponsor: Sponsor: Invited Speakers:  Bethany Niedzielski, E31 Chair: Matthew Krogstad, Argonne National Laboratory Focus Invited Chair: Jian-Xin Zhu, Los Alamos Natl Lab DBIO Live Sponsor: Invited Speakers:  John Martinis,  Christopher Monroe,  Thomas Watson,  Leo Kouwenhoven,  Jeremy O'Brien, P11 Focus Chair: Muratahan Aykol, Toyota Research Institute Focus Focus Noisy Quantum Devices Focus Chair: Andrej Kosmrlj, Princeton University Chair: Robert McDermott, University of Wisconsin - Madison, J29 Physics of Cancer Quantum Computing Architectures I Chair: Xiulin Ruan, Purdue Univ Quantum Foundations I Chair: Bulbul Chakraborty, Brandeis Univ Sponsor: Invited Live Focus DPOLY, K41 Chair: Wencan Jin, Auburn University, J45 DMP DCOMP GMAG GMED GDS Adsorption and Dopants in 2D Materials Sponsor: Chair: Olga Goulko, University of Massachusetts Boston Petra Vlhova leads the Women's Alpine World Cup with 1416 points. Sponsor: DCOMP Celebration of Fellows and Awardees Sponsor: Chair: Venkat Viswanathan, Carnegie Mellon Univ, E62 Invited Speakers:  Andrew Speck,  Becca Jones-Albertus,  Rachel Slaybaugh,  Ross Koningstein,  Denise Gray, L59 Sponsor: Invited Speakers:  Edward Bielejec, S52 Sponsor: DBIO DPOLY GSNP DSOFT DMP DCMP Live Invited 2D Semiconductors: Spectroscopy Sponsor: Programmable Self-Assembly: Particle, Interaction and Pathway Design (Magnetic Interactions) Invited Speakers:  Nathan DeYonker,  Susanna Widicus Weaver, X27 Sponsor: Sponsor: Chair: RŽ Mansbach, Los Alamos National Laboratory, F83 CANCELLED Materials Science Institutions Invited Speakers:  Stefano Baroni, M21 Characterizing Quantum Emitters Near Surfaces Superconductivity in Nickelates DBIO Networking: Mechanobiology DCOMP DCP DMP Straintronics: Tuning the electronic properties of 2D materials by strain engineering Focus Chair: Maria Chan, Argonne National Laboratory Invited DBIO Chair: Moumita Das, Rochester Institute of Technology; Wolfgang Losert, University of Maryland, College Park Sponsor: Superconductivity: Fluctuation -Thermodynamic and Nonequilibrium phenomena Live Live Invited Speakers:  Britton Plourde, X32 Chair: Fernando De Juan, Donostia International Physics Center, A46 Focus Invited Sponsor: DCMP Chair: Shilei Zhang, Shanghai Tech DCMP Invited Speakers:  RŽ Mansbach,  Suliana Manley, V12 Invited Speakers:  Dragana Popovic, L38 Sponsor: Chair: Jacques Amar, University of Toledo, X42 Live Chair: Ned Wingreen, Princeton University; Patrick McCall, Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, R13 Der Film wurde ab dem 11. Sponsor: DCMP Sponsor: Sponsor: Focus Sponsor: Live Self-Assembly in Diblock and Triblock Copolymers Skyrmions in Ferrimagnets and Antiferromagnets DCMP On Demand Live Chair: Pedro Saenz, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, B25 Invited Speakers:  Geraldine Richmond,  Jenny Nelson,  Joseph Niemela,  Esen Alp,  Ada Yonath, B67 DQI DAMOP DCMP Sponsor: DMP Exhibitor Workshop: Zurich Instruments – What makes a good quantum computing control system? Chemical Physics on the Nanoscale Strange Metals and Novel Transport Properties Sponsor: Magnetic and Structural Coupling Across Perovskite Interfaces and Superlattices Chair: Chih Kuan Tung, A37 Live Chair: Igal Brener, Sandia National Laboratories Dynamics of Quenched and Driven Quantum Systems I Chair: Aubrey Hanbicki, Laboratory for Physical Sciences Focus Chair: Daniel Rizzo, Columbia University DPOLY Behavior of Liquids Confined on the Nanometer Scale IV Live Invited Live Live Sponsor: DCMP Invited Speakers:  Etienne Barthel, L07 DSOFT GSNP DPOLY DCMP Sponsor: Chair: Ned Wingreen, Princeton University; Patrick McCall, Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, L13 Chair: Koblar Jackson, Central Michigan Univ, R20 Invited Speakers:  Andrew Houck, Y55 Sponsor: APS, L68 Invited Speakers:  Markus Heyl,  Mohamed Hibat-Allah, A22 DQI Invited Speakers:  Sujit Datta, S25 Invited Speakers:  Harold M McNamara, V13 Live Sponsor: Dirac and Weyl Semimetals: Materials and Modeling--Magnetic Weyl Semimetals Room: 01 Invited Speakers:  Manfred Albrecht,  Enrique Del Barco, C41 Positive identification is made that much harder by the bandages covering her face. Sponsor: Chair: Oleg Starykh, University of Utah CANCELLED APS-IDEA Networking Hour Chair: Benoit Coasne, Grenoble Alpes University Submit a Meeting Abstract Active Matter and Liquid Crystals in Biological and Bio-Inspired Systems Applications for Nano, Bio, and Flexible Technology Focus GMAG DMP Sponsor: Chair: Mark Elsesser; American Physical Society Callie Pruett, American Physical Society, D01 DCMP Invited Speakers:  Yayu Wang, L53 Sponsor: Live Modeling the Electrochemical Interface and Aqueous Solutions Chair: Irmgard Bischofberger, Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT, C07 Focus Focus Invited Speakers:  Eric Lauga,  Saverio Spagnolie,  Michael Shelley,  David Saintillan,  Arezoo Ardekani, M19 Chair: Anand Bhattacharya, Argonne National Laboratory DCOMP DCP DCMP DPOLY DCOMP GDS DSOFT DPOLY Sponsor: Invited Speakers:  Eran Maniv, B39 Chair: Pavel Volkov, V47 Live Live Chair: Zi Chen, Dartmouth College; Andrej Kosmrlj, Princeton University Chair: Roger Proksch, Asylum Research Chair: Wanli Yang, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Marina Filip, Oxford University, F62 Chair: Mohammad Soltanieh-Ha, Boston University; Jie Ren, Merck & Co. Chair: Stefano Martiniani, University of Minnesota Live Invited Speakers:  Jianyu Li, J04 Live Invited Sponsor: Magnetism Quantum Theory and Computation Studies Focus DCOMP GDS DMP Sponsor: DAMOP DQI Focus Live Invited Speakers:  Luqiao Liu,  Gyung-Min Choi, V39 Chair: Joseph Kerckhoff, HRL Laboratories, LLC, P30 Chair: Xuan Gao, Case Western Reserve University, S60 Sponsor: Exhibitor Workshop: ColdEdge - CRYOSCIENCE SPOTLIGHT #2 - Featured Cryogenic Researcher Sessions DMP Las Mejores Películas y Series Online en HD. Physics of Cytoskeleton Across Scales IV Sponsor: GMAG DMP FIAP DCOMP Fractional Quantum Hall Effect II: Bubbles, Stripes, and More Chair: Samuel Trickey, University of Florida, Y22 Focus Chair: Srivatsan Chakram, Rutgers, X29 Chair: Sumanta Tewari, Clemson University Invited Speakers:  Jose Menendez,  Brandon Collings,  David Ting,  Sanjay Krishna,  Preston T. Webster, F59 Focus Invited Speakers:  Rostislav Hrubiak, V24 GSNP DSOFT DFD Focus Room: 05 Live Sponsor: GMAG DMP FIAP Chair: Joaquin Drut, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Chair: Erik Henriksen, Washington University, St. Louis Sponsor: Invited Speakers:  Yoshinori Tokura,  Cristian Batista,  Kirsten Von Bergmann,  Achim Rosch,  Vincent Cros, R36 Chair: Mekena Metcalf, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, V35 Live GMAG Live Semiconductor Qubits - Novel Spin Qubit Materials and Technologies I Chair: Stephanie Lee, Stevens Inst of Tech; Takuji Adachi, Univ of Geneva DLS, L11 Live Chair: Dhritiman Bhattacharya, Virginia Commonwealth University Live Fluid Structure Interactions Invited Chair: David Cassidy, Hofstra University Exhibitor Workshop: Bluefors Cryogenic – Bluefors Cryogenic Measurement Systems in Quantum Technology Chair: Omar Valsson, Max Planck Inst. Live Focus Invited Speakers:  Arzhang Ardavan,  Randy Fishman, L54 Chair: Vernita Gordon, University of Texas at Austin Sponsor: GMAG DMP FIAP Focus Single-Molecule Magnets and Qubits Sponsor: Sponsor: Chair: Urban Simoncic, M16 Invited Speakers:  Olivier Buisson, R33 Excellent Laboratory Education for online and in-person teaching: Jonathan F. Reichert and Barbara Wolff-Reichert Award Session Invited Speakers:  Alexandru Bogdan Georgescu, L56 Correlated Electrons in 2D Live Live GMAG DMP Live Sponsor: Live Invited Speakers:  Nir Goldman, F25 Chair: Tao Wei, Howard University Focus Chair: Kristen Burson, Hamilton College DMP Disordered and Glassy Systems (Non-Polymeric) Fermi-Hubbard Systems DBIO DPOLY GSNP DSOFT Invited Speakers:  John Crocker, R08

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