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Note: Therefore, we suggest you to try hard to approach the high stage and then tap on the objects to claim the rewards. Tapping the nest will make one of three eggs separate from it. There are some items that will give you an energy refill, merge these whenever you can before using them for an even bigger energy boost. Coins: Pretty simple way to earn in-game coins is to keep merging items and unlocking new areas. If yes, here’s a Merge Gardens Walkthrough Beginner’s Guide to learn how it works.if(typeof __ez_fad_position != 'undefined'){__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-walkthroughs_net-leader-1-0')}; The user-interface of the game is pretty friendly, and it intends to bring you a variety of levels that help you restore the former condition of your garden with time. But trust must be deserved and demands some in-kind contribution; much to Maria and Josephine’s convenience. It starts with no level but ends at masterpiece after going through 10 stages. Answer this Question. The game has dozens of eggs; each one belongs to a specific species. Cabinet, cleaning items Car, Lighting Garden bucket, any green garden items Tool bucket, any orange tools Bush, tins and coins Trees, wood, then further merging produces furniture etc. 2 Mansion Stairs; 3 Tranquillity Terrace; 4 Frog Pond Falls; 5 Garage; 6 Beach House; 7 Side Entrance; 8 Harbour; 9 Flower Garden; 10 Stone Garden; 11 Pool Area; 12 Fortress; 13 Plaza; 14 The Grand Drive 2 Note: Once again, don’t forget to mark free rewards before hitting the continue button.if(typeof __ez_fad_position != 'undefined'){__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-walkthroughs_net-leader-2-0')}; The layout of the level is almost the same as the previous level, but the game brings different conditions to complete. During the game, you can drag the item of your choice across the map to place nearby the identical items to merge. Merge Gardens is suitable for all players of all ages. Download Merge Mansion - Mystery Game for Android to love, heritage, and betrayal put together in one mysterious puzzle. February 18, 2021 February 19, 2021 by aowam ♥ 0 Leave a Comment. Try to merge from Cursed Land to save the Blessing Power for other Cursed Land. Matching five items of the same type will reveal an A-Bomb that smashes items of its surrounding within a targeted range. You will need to search through various rooms to find hidden objects and locate treasures and collectible items! The names, along with the stages of the mushroom are given below: Tulips aren’t only beautiful to have in your lush garden, but also reward you with a small number of nectars. From: Chests, boxes; Items Obtained: Cloth, Toothpaste; Let’s see what happens with it. RESOURCE. So check the task list to get that task done with the item. There are three same types of piles available, and your goal is to merge them. The ultimate goal in the lush garden is to restore its former condition and brings the glory back to it. Currently Renovating. Exalted Waterfall. This page was last edited on 25 October 2020, at 15:46. The information of which items spawns which or where to discover new items is not explicitly shown in the game, it is part of the mystery of Merge Mansion. Maddie’s grandmother has something to tell. Therefore, this section covers “How to Play Merge Gardens” regarding the creatures, vegetables, plants, merging mechanics, and many other aspects, including Resources, Stages, Progression System, Currencies, and more. Both stage objects and high levels will reward you with high prizes. A list of items will be provided to you to discover items by navigating the scene, and if you stuck anywhere, making use of the hint system would be in your favor. Yet underneath this hood is a jewel that is worth all the effort. This can allow for an easy search for an item, which chain they are in, and where they can be obtained. For example – yellow nectar comes with x1 flower power. Because there are not only vegetables that are long and hard. Using coins, you can purchase a wood shelter at a shop. The main character will have to assuage her sister Grace, and count on the complicity of her eccentric friend Odette. You can merge three wood shelters at the same level to have a high-stage building for more bonuses. Harvesting the stages of the Tulips may help you gather the following items such as Poplar Trees, Treasure Chests, Nectar, and Baskets.if(typeof __ez_fad_position != 'undefined'){__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-walkthroughs_net-large-mobile-banner-1-0')};if(typeof __ez_fad_position != 'undefined'){__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-walkthroughs_net-narrow-sky-1-0')}; The fully groom Bamboo Nursery may be a perfect place for those players who are searching for Vegetable Patches. Merging the leaves will introduce three small flowers. At the end of the walkthrough part you will find information on the Hidden Mansion and all is revealed about the value of money. Cascade: Empty Seed Bag lvl 1 > Empty Seed bags lvl 2 > Pile of Seed Bags lvl 3 > Stack of Empty Seed Bags lvl 4 (max) Everything you merge helps to lift the curse from the Mansion that you can decorate after that. As you progress through the stages in the game, you will come upon new secrets waiting for you to be discovered. Firstly, the grandma asks you to remove the piles of leaves to make the garden as clean and beautiful as prior. Well, mostly her body. Author: Everywear Games Oy. Don’t forget to unlock treasure boxes for insane rewards.if(typeof __ez_fad_position != 'undefined'){__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-walkthroughs_net-mobile-leaderboard-2-0')}; In Merge Gardens, wildflowers are the main source of nectar and you can use nectar to heal the unlocked land. Manor Matters takes you to a beautiful mansion containing a lot of rooms, and each one brings something special for you to discover. Diane doesn’t do things halfway. Similarly, you can also earn by matching identical items in match-3 puzzles. Note: Merge Mystery Bird Egg for a Feathery Surprise. At the start, you will unlock one or two species, but as you reach high stages wildlife starts to unlock itself. Like real-world, you can make use of woods to create buildings, including birdhouses. But Debbie doesn’t mind. Life is made of choices. Keep in mind that every item has different stages, and it will groom once you merge it multiple times. For more information, including a complete walkthrough, visit my Golden Mask page. Therefore, you have lots of time to learn the basics and the progression system. The graphics are lush, and the music is relaxing – after having all fun-filled activities, set on a trip to a wonderful land that has hundreds of challenging levels to complete. Get the last version of Merlin and Merge Mansion Game from Puzzle for Android. He will undoubtedly be proficient in taking care of her. Walkthrough-----Completed--> Breaking Into the Mansion-----Completed--> The Second Floor-----Completed--> The Third Floor-----Completed- … Note – Merge Gardens let you complete the level within limited moves. Completing the level will reveal a hummingbird. It’s not all roses in Mia’s well‐ordered life; mother doesn’t let her breathe and father has given up hope. Harvesting the poplar trees may help you obtain Ropes. Get ready for being welcomed by a beautiful cast of characters, friendly creatures, and a beautiful garden. Let the mystery adventure begin! Similar to other Tilt-matching games, Merge Gardens features several power-ups that you can use to explore, remove, and change the sports while making greater combos. Once it has done, all the same types of fruits across the board will be removed.if(typeof __ez_fad_position != 'undefined'){__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-walkthroughs_net-large-mobile-banner-2-0')}; Note: Earn gold coins from puzzles and create Coin Storage to store more coins. The game displays you an icon containing her image over the screen displaying you her wish-list, and the first tasks are the following to complete: When you are unlocking other areas, the game is busing in introducing new stuff, including a sack of treats that will wake four creatures upon getting tapped. The final item there is the hood ornament. Each category in itself contains dozens of sub-categories, and their names are the following: if(typeof __ez_fad_position != 'undefined'){__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-walkthroughs_net-sky-1-0')}; As the name implies, these eggs can be found easily across the garden. The first level comes on your screen with a requirement of 12 apples. To do that you need to wipe off the dust and find new items. Hit that button to start solving match-3 puzzles within limited moves. Merge Gardens is a Puzzle and Single-player beautiful video game released by Futureplay for Mobile Platforms. Overview. The orphan rejects the cautions as new findings bring his father’s past connections to light. You have 20 moves in your queue and have to collect 12 pears and 14 grapes. This mansion is full of stories unheard of! Or should he invite his schoolmate June instead? The procedure of obtaining Wild Flowers is quite simple, you just need to harvest the following items, such as Debris, Popular Trees, and Mole Hills. The main character doesn’t hesitate long before signing up for the French tutoring classes. It means, playing upon high stage levels will leave you more points. About Merge Mansion: Mystery Game. As you know that the game features different building facilities, and the majority of them are locked. Match 3 chairs to merge them and get a better item. Two identical items can’t be merged; therefore, you should collect three items whenever you plan to merge for having something new. A great motivation to further the relationship between the housemates. Ways of obtaining in-game resources are already mentioned above, and once again I will introduce ways briefly. Upon reaching the final stage, the game rewards you with vegetable patches. It features hundreds of mystical items that you have to collect and merge to obtain someone new and better than existing ones. Get AppBounty ( HERE) File Name: com.everywear.game5. This is a hidden object style strategy game in which you are trapped in the Mystery Manor owned by the mysterious Mister X. Maddie’s grandmother has something to tell. Golden Star – Next to that, the game displays you a star that will split into eggs and yellow nectars upon getting tapped by you. We have compiled a list of Wild Flowers and their Stages for you in the Merge Gardens Walkthrough Beginner’s Guide to help you understand the basics. Help Maddie discover what her grandma has to reveal about the family's adventurous past. Note: Once unlocked, the bluebird can happily rest after working a whole. When playing the game, don’t forget to reveal hidden worlds that contain lost and forgotten objects including the following: Merge Gardens intends to bring a free reward chest for you to open to claim rewards every day. V1.2 7/27/00 Added Walkthrough Sections 13-17, began Digivolution Tree, Medal list, added prices to card list, updated enemy list. 2. ️DRAG & MERGE – Objects that seem useless now may come in handy later. You can keep all of your resources in Wood Shelter, and can also increase its capacity using in-game coins. Keep matching items to get enough mana. If it cant be combine wait for it a little bit may take time. Furthermore, you should keep in mind that there’s only one way to remove the dusty fog by making use of blue feather points that you can earn from cute creatures. In the garage, once you see a green dot next to an item, it means you've got an item that you can use in one of your tasks. Let's bring 2 more boxes. Maniac Mansion took the gaming community by storm with its witty catch-phrases and humorous plot. If you ask about the vital item in the Garden, then for sure my answer would be vegetables. Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure (mobile) is the iPad version of the popular PC/FB game developed by Game Insight. The question is how far will she go to entice subscribers? Next to that, you can harvest them for Thistles and Thistle Patches that you can merge for sprouts. Maxed Lamps give out moth Combine moths from the maxed lamp, and they will eventually merge to provide other useful items for thread 5. Each creature intends to give you feather points. Odette is being mischievous again. In case you have both A Rocket and A-Bomb, then consider the playing level is almost completed. Follow the steps: This is universal list of legal apps and websites that allow you to exchange points for currency in the game, get extra cash on start for signing up, obtain gift cards or unlocks. Next to that, she thought of those days when the garden was lush. Merlin and Merge Mansion Hack Basics: Match 3 chairs to merge them and get a better item. To make your manor even more magnificent, you have to get abundant with treasures. In short, following the given procedure will help you restore the garden, reveal new locations, obtain new creatures, and make your granny happy.if(typeof __ez_fad_position != 'undefined'){__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-walkthroughs_net-portrait-2-0')}; Hatch Eggs to bring beautiful creatures out. You can also sell it for 50 in-game coins. Simon Belmont Find: Bodley Mansion: Effect: Allows the player to destroy certain blocks with the whip: The Eyeball - Simon's Quest Enchanted Fountain … Star Rating: 3.5925925. Guide: Merge Mansion - Mystery Game cheats tutorial. Help Maddie discover what her grandma has to reveal about the family's adventurous past. Her hedonism is not to the liking of Mrs. Smith. Tapping the nectar and merging flowers will help you create a daisy. The game requires you to make double taps on the screen to harvest regular resources. 74. Primordial Tree of the Treant. In the game, trees are useful in different ways and once you build an Appian Way to merge trees, the game will reward you with amazing items. Share Tammy with his best friend Erik? How could he make it up? After a few seconds, your ultimate goal appears on your screen saying “Restore Grandma’s Garden.”. Gram Games and Zynga have recently released Merge Magic!, the newest match-and-merge puzzle game highly popularized by Merge Dragons!, among other games within the Gram Games’ Merge! Cosmic Bean of Cheribum. Removing the dust from the area isn’t only your job, lifting the curse from all items available in the garden is also your objective to complete. The first time I played Maniac Mansion was on a bootlegged Commodore 64 version, at the age of 12. Next to that, you will unlock a new structure, known as Wood Shelter to store woods. However, this depends on the number of items available. If you’re one of those players who love nature and want to be live in nature; then here’s a great opportunity for such kinds of players. For Ms. Ross, artistic vision must not be restricted, especially by clothing. I made a merge calculator. Extension: Apk. Matching five items will help you reveal a bomb that can be activated once you match it with the fruit of the same color. Not all monsters are frightening, and some like Aqua are even very sexy… In order to catch her, the main character will have to engage in a scavenger hunt for Captain Terry. Other than these, you aren’t supposed to control any character and build a structure. The plot starts with a granny taking a rest on her chair. Therefore, your ultimate job is to complete Match-3 levels to obtain fabulous rewards. There’s only a small piece of land available, containing three piles of leaves. This is also where you can merge three or five creatures of the same kind and level to further increase their level and your “Magic Power”. Merge Mansion Item Guide. The prologue is a quick and compulsory introduction to the gameplay on the first day; it features the backstory of the main character and the protagonists of the game. Maxed bottle can be combine to form a ship in a bottle. Features of Merge Mansion: Mystery Game 1. Like hatching and merging Eastern Bluebird eggs will bring the Bluebird species to your garden. Merge and collect luggage, hotel items then "day in the life"-type items. The world is beautiful and contains several unforgettable locations, including the countryside mansion that has once a beautiful garden awaits you. For sure, you come to know what will be your objective in the game. The main character volunteers to help Roxxy notwithstanding the usual disdain she displays for him. The final few sections will detail how to find all the Cash Ghosts, Golden Mice, cash plants and Boos. The main character’s involvement only aggravates the situation. Let the mystery adventure begin! Going through the merging process will bring orange nectar that increases the flower power six times, going further will reveal rainbow nectar that increases the flower power up to 64 times. As the blows are falling, new allies join forces. The game gets new stories in stages according to the votes of the community; the next update is dedicated to the second part of the main story. if(typeof __ez_fad_position != 'undefined'){__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-walkthroughs_net-netboard-1-0')};The first level’s completion leads you to choose amazing rewards such as Hummingbird Nest and Yellow Nectar. Fruit Bush Seed. You have to collect 18 grapes and 15 blueberries to complete the 2nd Match-3 Puzzle. Actually, with a touch of stimulation, she could well take the matter into her own hands. So the classmates are called to get the music teacher out of trouble. Tons of challenging Match-3 levels are added to puzzle your mind by the game. and Six! Populating the garden with cute creatures is only possible by hatching eggs. Whenever you discover that there’s nothing left to merge, start playing match-3 levels that reward you with free supplies like gems, eggs, and more. There are also a number of fan-made mods to enhance your gaming experience. In Rumps’ family, money can definitely not buy happiness. Creature Chests. Welcome to the subreddit for the Metacore game "Merge Mansion" created and ran by and for fans of the game. Don’t forget to tap on free rewards before hitting the continue button. Having a housekeeper always lightly dressed is bound to give the main character some naughty ideas! Far from mourning his fate, our hero is ready for a life full of adventures. I have created and added to the resources page a spreadsheet of all the items / chains in the game. Insect, Bird, and Mammal are Mystery Eggs that aren’t only different to find, but also challenging to merge.if(typeof __ez_fad_position != 'undefined'){__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-walkthroughs_net-sky-4-0')}; Grandma allows you to keep beautiful flowers, insects, birds, and mammals in her garden with the aim of making it exquisite. Therefore, you are also allowed to grow mushrooms. Merging the wildlife eggs may increase birds and animals in your garden, and they let you harvest more using the items available in your garden. The prominent building facilities are the following: Bird House and Wood Shelter. Did you notice what will happen when you match 4 fruits of the same color at once? For sure, you have learned how to merge identical items to obtain a new one. Be it a shocking twist in Grandma’s past or a mysterious room in the Mansion cellar, there are always new things to look out for. Following the same way you did with flowers, merge eggs to bring a bird (bluebird) to life in a green garden. There’s a tree (Poplar Tree Wonder) that will remain permanently within your garden until you decide to sell it. When playing the game, it assigns you tasks with matching delicious identical fruits, while merging a lavish series of magical and charming objects in an exquisite journey. Although Magnificent Eggs are difficult to obtain, you can grab these eggs to go through a process. Therefore, it brings a beautiful romance of Match-3 and Merging game elements. Next to that, you should tap the nectar the bird leaves after going away from the flower. Try to unlock boosters to achieve the stage without any hassle.if(typeof __ez_fad_position != 'undefined'){__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-walkthroughs_net-narrow-sky-2-0')}; For sure, you’re doing all the struggle just for flower power. Therefore, the game claims to give you relaxing gameplay that you won’t only enjoy, but also love. Every map of Resident Evil HD Remaster with item location... Login Store Community Support Change language View desktop website ... Guide Index. Summertime Saga content benefits from easy‐to‐follow walkthroughs. Once you merge the three idols, then you beat the level. In the game, you have an option of either taping the said nectar to claim x1 flower power or merge three yellow-colored nectars to obtain one blue nectar, which in return will give you 4 times flower power than yellow nectar.

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