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Much like the rather lukewarm desire of the UK as a whole to leave the EU, where the Leave camp only managed to "edge it" as someone once put it. Lax border controls in other EU countries already make it easier for illegal migrants and terrorists to get into Britain, despite the UK staying outside Schengen. Article bookmarked. Great questions to which unfortunately there is are no simple answers. By Gráinne Ní Aodha Friday 24 Jun 2016, 3:22 PM No wonder the Brits are fed up. EU faces Swexit threat after Sweden warned: 'If Brexit happens, we want to leave!' Does it want to leave the EU? Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry. In 2013-14, 13,550 EU students from outside the UK studied at Scottish universities, costing the Scottish Government £25.6 million. By voting to leave, the people of Britain are righting the wrongs of a diseased democracy Skip to content. The EU allows for freedom of movement between EU nations without ever needing a passport. This article originally appeared on MarketWatch and E21. BREXIT WILL LEAVE BRITAIN POORER On top of that, migrants to the UK have the right to claim social welfare. They chose what’s become known as Brexit . Most Gibraltarians voted to remain. We've heard all the threats about punishing Britain's economy, how we'll become an anchorless rust-bucket floating off into the mid-Atlantic with no friends and no influence. Withdrawal from the European Union is the legal and political process whereby an EU member state ceases to be a member of the Union. ... it signed up to for this budget period even after we leave. There are 4 groups: politicians, mainstream media, big business and lastly, the people living in the UK. A referendum was held on Thursday 23 June 2016, to decide whether the UK should leave or remain? Leaving the EU would allow Britain to regain control of its borders. Russia certainly does not want it to disintegrate or experience the fallout from any profound economic or existential issues which a Brexit is likely to cause in Europe. Let me speculate on reasons why Germany might in the next decade or so, leave the EU. 0.1% of our VAT goes to them (About to rise to 2%). 1. But in 1982, once that island had gained more autonomy, residents voted to leave the EU, wanting more control over their fisheries. The Situation Economically, the country has struggled since then and some politicians have even floated the idea of returning [source: Phillips]. The biggest reason why people vote to leave the EU was their belief that the UK should be a self-governing entity. Adults voted on whether the UK should leave the EU or stay in it. Opinion. Here's what will actually change. Why do we want out? Read more about how higher education might be affected by leaving the EU … Over 1 million migrants flooded into the UK. Students from EU countries outside of the UK can study at Scottish universities for free. Why does the UK have to pay the EU ... to the single market or the customs union in some way. There has long been a discussion about whether being in the EU is really beneficial to the UK; at the last Election, David Cameron promised a referendum on the matter, probably to appease his own eurosceptic backbenchers and stop them defecting to UKIP. Rachael Revesz @RachaelRevesz. 62% Remain part of the EU 38% Leave the EU There does seem to be more enthusiasm to be part of the EU rather than the lukewarm desire to remain in the UK. Services account for 80% of the UK economy but only 40% of the UK’s exports to the EU are services, amounting to just 5% of GDP. Before the referendum, the EU wanted Britain to take more refugees. On Thursday 23 June 2016 the British electorate voted to leave the European Union with a vote of 52% to 48%. What is its connection to UK and Spain? This helps to explain why UK exports to the EU has fallen from 60% to 44% of total exports since the Single Market was introduced. If other countries were to follow the UK in voting to leave the EU, then Italy would be one of the most likely candidates. Just over nine months later, on 29 March 2017, Prime Minister Theresa May triggered Article 50, marking the start of two years of negotiations to thrash out Britain’s deal for its exit from the EU. ... far less is known about what other Europeans think of Brexit and what effect the chaotic exit process has had on the way people all over Europe assess the feasibility of the ‘leaving’ option for their own country. On 23 June 2016, the UK held a referendum. France wants Britain to leave the EU the most, study of member countries shows. That’s a big vote all about one question. Constant attempts to take over power from Westminster (EU law now supercedes UK law). Yes, yes, yes. Just as the U.S. wouldn't want to live under an American Union, and declared freedom from England 240 years ago, now Britain wants to declare freedom from the EU. Brexit: Why Britain voted to leave the EU If you’re struggling to understand how Brexit happened, here’s what the Leave side promised voters. I have no doubt that Britain will thrive after leaving the EU, whether or not it leaves with a deal. The EU does not. People did not want their country to be accountable to a supranational body’s rules and regulations, according to a survey of 12,369 voters conducted on … 70% plus of our laws come from the EU. Leave won by 52 per cent to 48 per cent. Why leaving the EU is the right decision for the UK. 3. Monday 03 April 2017 11:07. Billions on bailouts to failled ecconomies. It is easy to understand why many Europeans are fed up with Britain’s half-in, half-out position, the arrogant way in which successive UK leaders have lectured colleagues on how to run their economies and the infantile, incoherent, and irresponsible way the government of British PM David Cameron has sought to renegotiate Britain’s membership terms. The UK broke from the European Union on a late winter’s night with both jubilation and regret, as divided on the day of leaving as it had been in deciding to leave. We may now, however, want to leave the UK. The UK is leaving the EU this evening after three-and-a-half years of political upheaval. With less than ten days to go until the UK’s original scheduled departure date from the European Union, The Week looks back at how and why the country joined the bloc in the first place. Why is Britain leaving the EU? British fishermen want out of the EU – here’s why June 10, 2016 7.43am EDT. I think Germany leaving the EU is a “black swan” event which, while unlikely, is much more likely to happen than experts typically might expect. Equally poignant is the story of the author. £45 million per day poured in for our membership. "The UK" doesn't necessarily want to leave the EU. But here's the catch, the thing that everyone in the British and European commentariat misses about the EU and Britain: the EU is absolutely petrified at the thought Britain may leave. The June 23 vote represents a huge popular rebellion against a future in which British people feel increasingly crowded within—and even crowded out of—their own country. Perhaps the likelihood is more 1 in 3 than 1 in 100. The EU is taking decisions ever further away from Parliament, in contempt of national sovereignty. France would "probably" have voted to leave the EU if it had held an in/out referendum, according to the country's leader. I write this from Edinburgh, the capital known for centuries as the Athens of the north that suddenly, unthinkably, will no longer be in the EU. As a territory of Denmark, Greenland was compelled to join the EU when Denmark did. To answer the why let's start with who. Because of this, migrants are able to freely move to the UK with few potential roadblocks, threatening the jobs of millions of low skilled laborers. The way many Britons saw it, the EU was expensive, out of touch and a source of uncontrolled immigration. Why does the UK want to leave the EU? Five days before the UK went to the polls in 2016, he said that leaving the EU would make Britain "a little country" on its own.

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