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The Studio Stand is only compatible with certain TV sizes. You can see our recommended settings here. And according to the idea of Samsung, new technical innovations are more appropriate in ordinary format QLED TVs. However, the Sero's IPS panel has wider viewing angles and better color accuracy. This is incorrect. The Frame is designed to turn your TV into a piece of elegantly framed art, enhancing your space and expressing your style. Copyright© 1995-2021 Samsung. 32-inch The Frame — $547.99 (save $52) 50-inch The Frame — $1,197.99 (save $102) 55-inch The Frame — $1,397.99 (save $102) 65-inch The Frame — $1,897.99 (save $102) Update 11/27/2020: We've retested the supported resolutions with an HDMI 2.1 source and the latest firmware (version 1403). To do so, set Picture Clarity to 'Custom' but leave the Judder and Blur reduction sliders at '0'. Customizable Frame: sold separately" below. Input lag is also lower on the 2020; however, it's not as color accurate. Art pieces in the Art Store are subject to change without prior notice. However there is no … As the life-like flowers and leaves rustle on-screen as text says "QLED Color volume 100% by Quantum Dot". It's beautiful. Although the Frame 2020 has a fast response time, it doesn't cause too much stutter in low frame content. No cherry-picked units sent by brands. The Samsung Frame TV is a 4K TV that shows high-quality artwork and photos when you aren’t using it, and stunning video and TV when you’re watching your favorite movies and shows. We'll retest it when the next update is available. The Frame TVs are designed to serve as a decorative element and a TV. There are still some inaccuracies with reds and blues, but the rest shouldn't be noticeable for most people. To use it in 60fps content, simply enable LED Clear Motion. Sale! We tested the 55" (QN55LS03TA) variant of The Frame 2020, and for the most part, we expect our review to be valid for the 43" (QN43LS03TA), the 50" variant (QN50LS03TA), the 65" variant (QN65LS03TA), and the 75" variant (QN75LS03TA). Input lag is low and response time is fast, which results in a responsive desktop experience. This Samsung Frame … A woman standing nearby uses the remote to browse through the collections. Like most VA panel TVs, the Frame 2020 has poor viewing angles. The Frame TV's Art Mode specifications and GUI may vary by model or region. Thanks to its chroma 4:4:4 support and 4k resolution, text looks incredibly sharp. The Frame TV is put on the wall as the text says "No Gap Wall-Mount". On the wall, The Frame TV shows pieces to choose from in Art Mode with Art Mode written in the corner. Like all Samsung TVs, the Frame 2020 runs on Tizen OS. Update 08/19/2020: We changed HDMI Forum VRR to 'Unknown' because we currently don't have an accurate way to test for HDMI Forum VRR compatibility. The Samsung The Frame 2020 is an overall good TV. With The Frame TV in the center of an art gallery, the space transforms into a living room. © 2021 9298-5266 Quebec Inc. All Rights Reserved. Our Quantum Dot technology delivers a 100% colour volume for vivid picture, while Dual LED technology increases contrast. Switching to close-ups of moving textures and elements, the camera zooms out to show The Frame turning off to display an artwork. There are also some shortcuts to popular streaming services and a built-in microphone for voice control. * Images are simulated for illustration purposes only. Unfortunately, it has rather poor viewing angles, so it's not the most ideal if your seating arrangement requires you to view from the side. It has better color accuracy as well; however, the Frame has a lower input lag and it gets brighter in SDR. Like its predecessor, Samsung The Frame 2019, its borders are customizable and it can be wall-mounted to look like real artwork thanks to the included no-gap wall mount and the One Connect Box. Contrast ratio and peak brightness are significantly improved in this 2020 model, making it a good choice for watching HDR content, but sadly, its viewing angles are just as poor and there's no local dimming. The 32" model has a 1080p resolution and we haven't tested it, so our review is less applicable. Overall, the Samsung Q80T QLED performs much better than the Samsung The Frame 2020. Read The Definitive Guide to the Samsung TV Product Line, which is written in plain english so it’s super simple to understand!. Gamma doesn't follow the target at all; most scenes are too bright and dark scenes are darker than they should be. #samsungtv #theframe #theframe4 #theframe2020 #smarttv #tvreview Wir geben euch einen näheren Einblick in die neuen The Frame Fernseher 2020 von Samsung. We noticed that our unit leans slightly backward when it's mounted on the stand; we're not sure if this is a manufacturing defect or if it was damaged during shipping. Unfortunately, there's no local dimming to improve it further. You can ask for general info like the time or weather, and to change TV settings such as the input source or brightness. The Frame, brought to life by the high-resolution picture quality of QLED, is more than just a TV. It causes a bit of duplication, but still an improvement from the Frame 2019. Note that some tests such as the gray uniformity may vary between individual units. As the camera turns, we see close-ups of the Basic Stand, with text "Basic Stand" in the corner, and then Studio Stand with the text "Studio Stand. Once the masterpiece is selected, the words "Customizable Frame of your choice" appear as the brown bezel is now replaced with beige. The Frame, 2020 Edition. Do note that FreeSync only works on the HDMI 4 port. Native 4k content is displayed perfectly. The camera then zooms out as The Frame turns off to show the artwork and text "Odyssey by Julia Contacessi from Minted" with the text "Art when it's off". Beide apparaten ondersteunen EARC als ik de specs erop na sla. Its VA panel has a high native contrast ratio, which is great for watching in dark rooms. Its VA panel has an exceptional contrast ratio and excellent black uniformity to produce deep blacks, but unfortunately, it doesn't have local dimming to further improve it. The Frame 2020 is a good TV for watching sports. The camera zooms out to see a rectangle-inspired artwork hanging and rotating from the ceiling, with two The Frame TVs in the center of the artwork. Sorry, there is insufficient stock for your cart. The scene changes to a gallery with artworks hanging on the wall. Customizable Frame: Sold separately" written alongside it. Zooming in to see Art Mode up close, the camera then zooms back out to show floral artwork onscreen with flowers growing around The Frame TV in the living room. Again the screen turns back on to show a man surfing, as the text changes to "TV when it's on". This picture frame … The scene changes to a studio set with The Frame sitting on a stand with "Ju-Jitsu (c.1913) by David Bomberg" artwork and text on-screen. The screen turns on again to two girls having an outdoor picnic as the text switches to "TV when it's on". The video ends with a close-up of four corners of four The Frame TVs in brown, black, beige, and white bezels as they move along a wall with the words "The Frame" appearing. It can display 1080p content almost as well as native 4k, and it can remove judder from any source. Most sizes have four choices: Black, White, Beige, or Brown. The art gallery is filled with visitors. Gain early access to all tests results for new products, Prices will now be listed directly in reviews and tables, Have 5 votes per product category to choose which product we’ll review next, Gain unlimited access to detailed test results in tools and results (no blurred results), Video: Sony X900H (2020 Model) - TV Picture Settings, Having trouble deciding between two TVs? The Frame displays and text appears saying "Lyrical" by Sarah McInroe from Minted as the camera zooms out. To display chroma 4:4:4, the input in use must be labelled 'PC', and for high bandwidth signals, Input Signal Plus must be enabled. Here you can vote for our next review, Compare frequency and distortion of TVs to make a clearer and more informed decision, We buy our own products to test. Nonetheless, if you're looking for a TV that stands out by blending in, this could be the one. Being an OLED TV, the LG can produce perfect blacks, which the Frame 2020 can't do. There's only some minor banding in reds and greens. The Frame by Samsung is about as pretentious as a television could be. 4K, also known as Ultra-HD, is a super-high quality new TV standard that delivers four … Unfortunately, we can't display a 4k @ 120Hz signal properly as the screen keeps flashing every 2-5 seconds, making it unusable. Blacks look deep and inky, which is great for dark room viewing. Samsung's app store has a wide selection of apps and you should be able to find what you need. Text appears saying "TV when it's on" as the camera zooms into The Frame, showing young girls doing ballet on-screen. The back of the TV is fairly plain and has a fine horizontal texture etched into it. The camera zooms out to show how it fits in with the décor and continues to zoom out, the scene changing to The Frame TV placed on a Studio Stand with waves crashing down on-screen with the words "TV when it's on" appearing. The final scene is all black with the Samsung logo in white. Wir präsentieren Ihnen ein breites Spektrum an unterschiedlichen Herstellern und Modellen, z. The final scene is all black with the Samsung logo in white. It replaces Samsung The Frame 2019, and like its predecessor, it's difficult to situate it in the market, as there's no direct comparison from another manufacturer. You can see realistic colour even at wide angles. Also, the Q80T has local dimming, which the Frame 2020 doesn't. * Actual products including remote control may differ from image shown. This site uses cookies. The remote control is the same one that comes with The Frame 2019. It displays artwork or photos when the TV is in standby mode, which you can start by pressing the power button on the remote. A guy is sitting on his sofa and browsing through fine art paintings on The Frame. As the camera continues to zoom out, The Frame TV turns off and switches to a famous artwork with the words "Art when it's off" appearing. The camera once again shows The Frame TV on a stand before it shows a hand touching the different colors of the customizable bezel, with the text "Various color options. Additionally, the 32", 43", and 50" sizes have a 60Hz panel, instead of the 120Hz on the larger variants. Although 2020, these are new screens and a new level of sound on TVs. Discover how The Frame is more than just a TV. The Frame 2020 can't display an 8k image. Mehr Infos gibt es hier: The Frame hier kaufen:, Samsung! Find the perfect match for your own taste with a choice of black, brown, beige, and white. Samsung TVs. When using the included no-gap wall mount, it sits flush to the wall and doesn't stick out much. The Frame 2020 is a good TV for watching TV shows. The LG is better overall because it's much thinner, it has an infinite contrast ratio, much wider viewing angles, and G-SYNC support. The artworks suddenly fly from their frames and one-by-one enter The Frame, showing it has over 1,200 pieces of art. It supports Samsung's no-gap wall mount, which comes included in the box. Save up to $800: "The Frame," Samsung's 4K TV famous for doubling as wall art, is seeing really good sale prices this Prime Day. Article ️ Samsung The Frame 2020 ️ Find the best current TV offers! The final scene shows the black screen and white Samsung logo. Samsung The Frame TV sits in the middle of a classic living room. 720p content such as cable TV is upscaled well. It's enough to overcome glare even in very bright rooms. The Frame 2020 is a good TV for use as a PC monitor. Decent distortion performance. 480p content like DVDs looks good and there are no upscaling artifacts. The screen goes black and in white text shows The Frame TV's slogan, "TV when it's on, art when it's off." Compared to other Samsung QLED TVs, The Frame 2020 sits between the Samsung Q70T QLED and the Samsung Q80T QLED. All images and user interfaces seen here are dramatizations for the purposes of demonstration. It can display 4k @ 120Hz properly, but the screen flashes every 2-5 seconds when using chroma 4:4:4. Nu heb ik hier een Samsung The Frame 2020 (50inch) en een Sonos ARC. It doesn't get much brighter than SDR and the 2% window is also dimmer, but it's also very consistent. Showing the corners of multiple color frames, text says "Frame Design". Samsung 50″ QLED Q80 Series 4K UHD TV Smart LED with HDR (2020) ... (2020)- BIG GAME SAVINGS! Its VA panel has poor viewing angles, though, which makes it less ideal if you like doing chores or walking around while watching. Aside from some minor differences in their outer design, the 2020 has a much higher contrast ratio and peak brightness. B.: Samsung QLED 4K Q70T, Samsung QLED 4K Q60T, Samsung The Frame LS03R, Samsung TU8079, Samsung Crystal UHD 2020, Samsung TU7199, Samsung RU7099 und Samsung … The hand picks up a bezel and puts it on the TV, showing brown with the text "Brown. Samsung The Frame TV sits in the middle of a classic living room. Please note the images are simulated and used for illustration purposes only. Brightness and Contrast were set to maximum. We were able to search for content on YouTube, but not in Netflix. The camera zooms in, and we see hangers snap on The Frame TV's customizable bezels in white then brown bezel for another The Frame TV. Sadly, they can't be disabled. Excellent black uniformity. 1080p content looks almost as good as native 4k and there are no obvious issues. The Frame 2020 has a mediocre frequency response. The remote can be used as a universal remote control for other devices, even if the device doesn't support CEC. Its viewing angles are poor, so the image can look washed out at the sides if you sit too close, but on the bright side, its VA panel is immune to permanent burn-in. It can deliver a good HDR experience in dark rooms; however, it won't look much different from SDR in bright environments. The 32" model has a few more choices. The video ends with a close-up of four corners of four The Frame TVs in brown, black, beige and white bezels as they move along a wall with the words "The Frame" appearing. One of the highlight features of The Frame 2020 is its customizable frame. Although the TV states that FreeSync is enabled and working when using another HDMI port, there was still a significant amount of tearing in-game. The Frame 2020 is a good TV for most uses. Scene pans to an angled view of The Frame hanging on a living room wall to show an example of how it's a TV when on and an art piece when off. Suddenly, paintings in different places of the gallery disappears leaving the frames empty. There's a single button located on the underside of the TV. The Frame 2020 has a great response time; however, there's significant overshoot in the 0-20% transition, causing some artifacts in very dark scenes. However, they're meant for different uses. The Frame 2020 has decent color accuracy out of the box. You can get the BEST price on the Frame TV here: The Samsung 55” Class The Frame QLED Smart 4k UHD TV. This is incorrect. The Frame 2020 doesn't exhibit any signs of temporary image retention, which is expected of most VA panels. A hand holding One Remote Control is briefly shown pressing the power button, turning off the TV and turning on Art Mode. Update 10/06/2020: We've changed the status of the Auto-Calibration function from 'Untested' to 'Undetermined', as the Samsung The Frame 2020 isn't yet listed as being compatible with CalMAN. The stand is thinner and has a more industrial design than the sleek, cylinder-shaped stand on the Frame 2019. Step-by-step instructions show you how to display photos in The Frame TV's Art Mode. As a result, images look washed out when viewed from the side, making it less ideal for wide seating areas. Text says "Over 1,200 pieces of Art." We bring the beauty of a gallery to your space with The Frame, displaying your favorite works of art when it's off. Then it puts on a beige bezel with the text "Beige. Its exceptional contrast ratio makes it a fantastic choice for gaming in the dark, and the TV can deliver a good HDR experience thanks to its great color gamut and decent HDR peak brightness. This TV can remove judder from all sources. It is now fixed. Customizable Frame: Sold separately" appearing. We measured the peak brightness after calibration, using the 'Movie' mode and with Brightness set to maximum. Update 11/27/2020: We've retested the VRR with an HDMI 2.1 source and the latest firmware (version 1403). To use it, first enable Picture Clarity, then set the Judder Reduction slider to '10' for 30fps content, or set the Blur Reduction slider to '10' for 60fps content. The picture that we used has some crosshatching by default, and there are no signs of dimming or dithering.

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