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Lee Iacocca: Enzo Ferrari will go down in history as the greatest car manufacturer of all time. [Ferrari turns towards his associates] Enzo Ferrari: [in Italian] I'm starving. Is it because he built the most cars? The occasion was the induction of the inaugural … Ferrari Enzo | Charley Gallay via Getty Images. He used us to up his price. So, like my cars, I’ll make this fast. Build a car to be the best in the world. Enzo was born in 1898 in Modena. He proclaimed, “A little more than a year ago, I expressed my wish to the engineers. On March 12, 1947, Founder and CEO Enzo Ferrari fired up the first model … Ferruccio Lamborghini [On Enzo Ferrari saying] ‘Lamborghini, you may be able to drive a tractor but you will never be able to handle a Ferrari Properly.' Throughout the week, Ferrari is celebrating 70 years of sports car heritage. Here are 10 times Ford v Ferrari lied to you. Let's go eat. [Ferrari approaches Iacocca] Gary: 'Tell your pigheaded boss that all his, uh, smug executives are worthless sons of whores.' So if we were to definitively posit that Enzo Ferrari never made that statement, then that leaves the question of where exactly the quote originated. Now, what if the Ford badge meant victory? [after Enzo Ferrari turns down the deal for Ford to purchase Ferrari] Leo Beebe: He played us. Ferrari is evidence to Enzo Ferrari’s glorious and humongous madness: sports cars legend. 101 Ferruccio Lamborghini Quotes (Lamborghini Quotes) 1 2 3 [At the age of 75] When you stop working, you start to die! For $2 million, Ford gets 90% control overall, but Ferrari retains 90% of the racing program. It seems reciprocal. And now the car is […] No, it's because of what his cars mean: victory. On Oct. 5, Enzo Ferrari climbed into the driver's seat and competed in his first race. He's Henry Ford II. They meet ENZO FERRARI and exchange platitudes. As he tells it in his Freedom of Speech comedy special, he arrived at the race track and was offered a few supercars. ... [giving a speech] Carroll Shelby: If my daddy was here today, he’d tell me to sit on down and leave the yacking to the college boys. The would-be race driver won 13 of the 47 races he entered. Why? I was seated next to Piero Ferrari, Enzo's second and only surviving son, on Feb. 28, 2001, in Geneva. Ferrari wins at Le Mans! But like any movie based on a true story, Ford v Ferrari's filmmakers took a few creative liberties to make the story more cinematic. If indeed Enzo Ferrari proclaimed Jeep as the only true American sports car, surely Luca - or any other Ferrari historian, for that matter - would have seen it in Italian. The cars from Maranello have long been the exotics to love and drive pedigreed pieces of rolling art (Smith, 2009). He finished fourth. This crashed Ferrari Enzo story begins with a good cause. Enzo, a notoriously autocratic icon, made the dream of ideal sports car come true. And people, they -- they they want some of that victory. Old man Enzo had no intention of selling to us. When the Ferrari F40 made its public debut on this day in 1987, 89 year old Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari offered an impassioned speech. Enzo Ferrari: [in English] Tell him he's not Henry Ford. In Ferrari’s small office, a setting no doubt intended to put the large Ford team at a disadvantage, the deal is proposed. That’s because comedian Eddie Griffin was practicing to participate in a celebrity race for charity. Ford v Ferrari is the story of when, in 1966, a team of drivers representing Ford won the 24 Hours of Le Mans auto race.

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